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Prison Brutality

April 24, 2018
By Caitlin21 BRONZE, Mckinney, Texas
Caitlin21 BRONZE, Mckinney, Texas
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Prisons conditions have been proven to be brutal beyond compare. There are many people who have done the research and who have talked to people who are in prison who say prison isn’t what you’d want to experience. Prison conditions are bad because of the lack of food or the bad food, the unfair  treatment, and how it is not save within the prison.

Research has proven that the food conditions are not great. Prisoners don’t tons of food, which most people would argue that they just don’t deserve it because they are bad or they did something bad. The thing with that is that yes they did something bad that put them there but they also shouldn’t be getting food that has mold or bugs in it that later makes them ill or sick. Prisoners did do something to earn them the spot in prison but it shouldn’t necessarily be making them sick while they are in there. There is a reason for the lack of food and that is because the funding this is going towards the food is continuously being cut down lower and lower, which is causing less and less food going towards the inmates.

Prisoners think that they are also treated unfairly this is because they have proven that the guards treat them as if they are less than the average human just because they are in prison. Also through recent studies they have shown that they sometime get their basic rights taken away from them just because they happen to be in prison. They get treated as if they are less important than everyone else.

Prisons are not safe for many of the prisoners. There are over 217,000 american prisoners who are raped each year while they were locked up in prison. There were also reports of physical abuse from other prisoners. They were not helped by the guards. The guards were not fast responsive with what was going on. Which also puts the prisoners at risk. 

Prisoners should have respect and be helped to form them into citizens that can help the society instead of throwing them to the side because of bad behavior. I think prison conditions should be improved for the better of things to help and show how to act within a prison.

The author's comments:

I personally watch many documentaries about how pirsoners are treated while in prison and i think that some things should be changed. I hope you will see that even though these people did something bad they should not be treated like they are useless. 

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