Don't Let Them Eat Cake

April 17, 2018

The LGBTQIA+ fight continues with the case of a couple who just wanted a cake for their wedding. They walked into Masterpiece Cakeshop to order one but were denied service by the owner, Jack Phillips, because of his religious beliefs against gay marriage. Phillips insisted that his work is art and that his belief is represented through his art, and his religious expressions and beliefs are protected by the constitution. The gay couple’s rights, that are also protected by the constitution, were looked over. The couple were discriminated against in a shop open to the public because of their sexual identity.

This is a complicated issue, but there is a solution that will make this a problem of the past and move us into a new era of equality. Cake should no longer be served at celebrations such as weddings. This is 2018 for goodness sake! You would think that we would come up with better celebratory desserts by now. Some people have started their own traditions like do nut towers, cookie towers, pie towers and gelato bars, but these sweet ideas have not caught on with the masses. It is time for a change in wedding dessert traditions. 

I think most people can agree that we endure the typical cake, not enjoy it. It has either no flavor or the sickening flavor of processed sugar and food dye. You take a few bites and can’t finish. It is dry and soaks up all the moisture from your mouth, making it hard to chew. It isn’t a pleasant or palatable experience. There is the occasional exception, but it is usually very expensive or has to be homemade. Putting a wedding together takes a lot of time and effort, and most people don’t have the resources, ability or time to make their own cake.  

Cakes exclude people in different ways. Those who have allergies to gluten or are diabetic can’t partake in the ritual. Also, cakes are not good for people, especially kids! Sugar not only is not good for us but is also addictive. We only let kids have cake because all the other kids are having it at the party, and they don't want to be excluded. Some people justify this, saying, “It's only on special occasions. They aren't allowed to have cake all the time,” but kids grow up into sugar addicted adults, who can eat whatever they want. Getting rid of cakes altogether will encourage conscious, healthy eating in America. 

Cake distributors, such as Mr. Phillips, will be upset about this proposal, because they will lose business. But as long as we are excluding people, perhaps it is not a bad idea for some of these sugar peddlers to go out of business. There is a health crisis in America, and we continue to let those who profit off unhealthy eating habits to cater weddings and children's birthday parties. In fact, Mr. Phillips should be forced to serve healthy foods, like tofu and boiled brussels sprouts at weddings. You would think that someone who is so concerned about the way other people live would also worry about the wellbeing and health of others. 

Cake is hard to let go of because it's an old tradition that has represented some people's happiest moments. It has also been an exclusive tradition, only accessible to those who fit a specific mold. At what point do we draw the line and start new traditions for those who have been excluded in the past?

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today at 11:21 am
What a great satire piece! Really funny!
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