The Virus

April 12, 2018
By lynndt GOLD, San Ramon, California
lynndt GOLD, San Ramon, California
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❝I didn't say I liked it. I said it fascinated me. There is a great difference.❞ - Oscar Wilde

How the virus slithers languidly along the mushy, gray porridge of the brain! How it befuddles the cortexes within and short circuits the neurons! Oh, how the scarlet tendrils love to latch around a mind and crush and compress it between their spiky ends and feel the matter ooze with delightful squelching! How the virus loves humans; they’re so cute and naive! They willingly let it flourish and inhabit millions, billions of warm, nutritious foster bodies like good little pets. The virus really does adore people, funny little things who welcome it with open arms, prepare donors for it, enables it to consume every mind alive!

It really can’t count how many devious, grotesque plans it’s hatched, but that’s quite all right. Its subjects have aged nicely, strong shadows lurking in the crevices of heavy wrinkles, and it’s a touching sight for the virus to see its children being raised alongside the tiny young’uns running around. Canadian, Chilean, Cambodian, Croatian, Central African, the virus is embedded in all; feasting on strife and disparities to spread all around.

It’s rather amazing, how its presence has influenced and dominated the entire world, dormant in some countries but the only reason why some others exist. Cute humans! The virus finds America the most hilarious. It can’t help but laugh at the unnecessary paranoia and racism half of those people are so concerned about while the other half argues about whether to have an island in their kitchen and pretends the virus is in another world! Silly Americans, so isolated, raising a mass of bodies by distorting the virus into a beautiful ideal. Knee-slapping, really! The virus hasn’t finished gorging on the Eurasian countries to move on to the US! Silly Americans, only the soldiers they have sent have truly felt the writhing mass of its gaping maws, the unbearably slow, viscous wriggling against their bloody, raw sinew, insanity through decades of corruption. If the virus had a stomach, it would be aching in pain from all the laughing. After all, most of the Americans have only seen the virus in action, so what do they know about the true experience when it’s never torched their homes?

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