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Why I Won't Protest Today or the 20th

April 10, 2018
By A.McGowan BRONZE, Bay Village, Ohio
A.McGowan BRONZE, Bay Village, Ohio
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As a student in the midst of student protest, it is expected to advocate for extreme change in the face of an issue that we have lived through once, and yet I cannot seem to join the underaged Russia’s White Army in their pursuit for avid changes they could not know the impacts of. If a child was to hit another with a stick, the solution is neither to give one to all the rest nor to clear the entirety world of twigs, sticks, and branches to assure that it is never done again. Instead, I believe that the child should not learn that this is acceptable behavior. If we free all gun rights, this shall not work, yet if we attempt to remove every gun this shall not work either for the simple reasons that criminals do not follow the law. Linda Stalters by NBC says the core issue is treatment, and John Metzl details 60% of shootings being perpetrated by undiagnosed mentally ill, 5% by the diagnosed, this being attributed by many psychiatrists to the severe mental health spending cuts of around 45% from the Carter administration, when he forced shut down of all mental health institutions in 1980. 18 US Code 922 prevents gun sales to both the intoxicated and felons with criminals convictions, and 10% of shootings are committed by felons (90% with illegal weapons), 15% by those impaired. The issue in the US based on this information is not the existence of guns, but instead the ineffectual preemptive prevention. If you wish to change the people's action, you must change the man instead of their accessibility, to address the root issues would be to fix the problem, but this idea escapes people when they decide to yell as opposed to contemplate. Children do not have the right to vote or run for office, and this was decided for a reason, because though we have insight, we rely to much on gut feelings, and those seem to be affected mostly by emotion. The ends to a mean cannot be agreed upon by protesters who are all too eager to see problems instead of valuing solutions. While we can raise our voices, it may instead be time to listen.

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A Paragraph Essay from a Teen in the Face of Student Protests. While people around rally, it has become difficult for me to aline myself with the undereducation and angry people taking up so much media space despite the lack of regulation changes. 

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