NRA and Hate

March 27, 2018
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I am from Iran, I look like I am Hispanic, pretty much in the middle politically and a member of the NRA.

My real first name is Mohammad and every time I have called the NRA, they have been nothing but respectful and provided me with great service no matter the need.

Bottom line, just like most of the U. S., the NRA is mostly made up of nice folk who respect everyone, but also like the rest of what makes up what I loosely call news, you only here about the bad and what the media wants you to hear. Remember, if it bleeds then it leads.

There are hateful, racist, ignorant people in every circle, but it is never the majority unless you advertise it or promoted, which the news does. So people think all whites are racist, all blacks are criminals, all Hispanics are drug dealers, all Middle Easterners are terrorists and all NRA members are meat eating, and gun toting, redneck hicks.

As an American who is Iranian and looks Hispanic, I have had a few issues with ignorant people. But 99.9999% of the time I have been treated with respect by other Americans, law enforcement, TSA or whatever. Heck, I was on the do not fly list and got treated with more respect than the white, old gentleman they randomly picked to search.

Bottom line, I hope everyone wakes up and sees that the media and the government love keeping us at each other's throats, because if we actually stop fighting among ourselves and see what they are up to, they know we will vote them out of office.

What I recommend is find an NRA member, or just a gun enthusiast, in your area and ask him or her to take you shooting. Let them know you just want to learn what the fuss is all about and how NRA members actually are. I think you will find someone who might fall over themselves to show you what the truth is, and you never know, you might find a fun new hobby and a friend!

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