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Taekwondo Dangers

March 22, 2018
By oliviaaa...333 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
oliviaaa...333 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Taekwondo is not as dangerous as some people believe, I think that it teaches the student many life skills and to have respect for people. When you come into Taekwondo for the first time, you immediately learn to show respect by bowing to the instructors and higher ranks “(How to Appreciate The Benefits of Taekwondo)”. You have to do that every time you walk in to the training gym, constantly being respectful to everybody there. Also, after a person and their opponent spar, they shake hands to show that even if one of them won, they still think of it as a fair match and they will continue to be courteous to them “(What are the Benefits of Taekwondo for Kids?)”. Most people would get upset if they lost a match to another person, but because of the teachings of Taekwondo, opponents are able to stay respectful to one another. The first Tenet Of Taekwondo, that students must learn, is Courtesy. They must learn the definition, and learn to live by it inside and outside of Taekwondo “(Tenets Of Taekwondo)”. One of my personal experiences of respect at Taekwondo that I noticed right away was the uniforms. Whenever you had to fix or straighten out your uniform you had to turn around to be respectful. Some people take Taekwondo just for the benefits that it gives to them. One of my good friends started taking Taekwondo because she was being disrespectful to her family, and once she started the Martial Art, her family saw progress in her behavior. Therefore, Taekwondo has many benefits and it will help you to be respectful to others as well as yourself. This is a great learning experience for young children and parents should not overlook it just because of the stereotype that it’s all about violence.

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