Should Government Officials Be Tested for Basic Academic Competence?

March 15, 2018
By , Belmont, CA

In our government, I believe that political figures in office have a substantial influence on a population should be but though a BAR exam to be eligible to be in office similar to doctors and lawyers. Because they can change peoples lives in a big way and anyone that has the power to make such changes should be tested to ensure mental and academic competence.

I think that our country would greatly benefit from a general pupas exam that is mandatory for all lawmakers or political figured voted into office should take. I believe that this exam should cover the following. The ability to demonstrate competence in STEM subjects. The ability to pass an oral exam covering how the government works and the person that is taking the test should be able to list all significant government positions and what they do and what powers they also possess they should be able to remember the constitution in its current form.

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