Traffic Congestion

February 22, 2018
By Anonymous

Is traffic slowing you down to where you need to go?  Traffic has been a problem that not just increases travel time but also brings air pollution and fuel use since a car cannot run efficiently. Since I live in a metropolitan area, It always has been a problem for me to get to a certain destination on time due to traffic congestion. Congestion is caused in many ways like obstacles in the road causing a blockage, the increasing of vehicles on the roadway that brings less space for cars to make turns, and the pedestrians that cross and not permitting cars to turn. Due to these reasons, Traffic congestion is a problem growing in many metropolitan areas and it needs to end.

Obstacles in the road are causing a blockage that creates congestion. Obstacles are caused in many different ways like road work, a lane is closed due to utility work, and most of all, accidents. Problems like this need to be solved. For what I think, Roadworks should be scheduled for the middle of the night or when the roads are not busy. Try to minimize utility work. From utility work, people often get stuck in these congestions due to being able to cross without having to wait in a fashion lane to order to cross over to get to where they're going. And finally accidents, we try to prevent these things to happen. However, once they occur, traffic congestion usually can’t be avoided when traffic conditions are leveled.

The increasing of vehicles on the roadway brings fewer spaces for cars to freely make a sudden turn on a lane. For me, this mainly happens all the time on the highway and by its increasing can make it difficult for cars to make a turn on a highway. Creating backup jams for the people that are behind the turned car. To solve this problem, we could have fewer vehicles on the lane that needs to make a sudden turn. This would make cars from behind to not slow down due to a car making a sudden turn.

Pedestrians crossing at an intersection are not permitting cars to turn. In some places, Pedestrians are free to cross in an intersection even when they do not source that keeps pedestrians in a single line. The feeling of pedestrians running freely in areas that has vehicles passing by can be a huge problem that not only causes traffic congestions. But also causes accidents that cause peoples lives at risk. To fix this problem, the only way to reduce the number of pedestrians crossing at an intersection is to add a mid-block crossing or build a pedestrian overpass. This would make not only for cars to know when a pedestrian is by but also make pedestrians safely cross the road without having the fear of a car coming in out of nowhere.

For solving these problems that involved causing traffic congestion can decrease travel time, bringing less air pollution for the environment and fuel use for cars. Making drivers have a happy face on the road rather than having a frustrating look at the causes of traffic congestions.

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