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February 7, 2018
By FidgetSpinners614 BRONZE, Canada, District Of Columbia
FidgetSpinners614 BRONZE, Canada, District Of Columbia
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Many americans end up voting for Presidents without knowing what they truly stand for.Democrats usually change their laws while the Republicans are old fashioned. One should vote for a democratic President because of their position on firearms and jobs/labor.

Democratic people do not allow fire gun,while Republicans allow firearms. The United States should not allow guns because there is too much gun violence in the United States. Also, guns are not a thing to play around with.Gun deaths happen all around the world,we can at least try to stop gun violence in the U.S.According to the watchdog group Gun Violence Archive, ”The violent, high-profile tragedies have understandably captured the nation’s attention. But they contribute to 154 mass shootings, 6,880 gun-related deaths, and 13,504 firearm injuries in 2017 alone.” This proves that gun violence is not a thing to joke around with.


Democratic presidents raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour over time, while the republican presidents do not. This is important because immigrants who come from other countries need good jobs to support their families, and democrats support that. According to republicanviews, ”Democrats believe that all Americans deserve equal opportunity to receive the education they need to pursue their career of choice ”This proves that Democrats believe that everyone should receive the education they need,even immigrants. According to republicanviews, ”Democrats believe not only in expanding the job market, but in aiding those who are looking for work while they seek to improve their situation.”     

To be honest,republicans have a fair say. They support guns because guns can protect you,from almost everything. Still,guns are very violent and we still should not use them. Also, jobs/labour, they don’t really support minimum wage, so one may support Democrats more.Also, if we are allowing guns than we should not give guns to everyone, only people that the Congress and President trust. Democrats are more modern than republicans,and back than they had to protect themselves from the British.

In Conclusion,one would vote for a democratic president because of their opinions on Firearms and Jobs/Labour. Democrats support minimum wage while republicans do not.Also,Democrats do not support firearms while Republicans do.Therefore,one should vote Democratically because of the democratic view on firearms and jobs/labour.

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