Democrats vs Republicans

February 7, 2018
By Anonymous

Democrats and Republicans,the two parties that control the way one may live,and your financial life as well. Democrats and Republicans are two parties that you can vote for to decide the president. Democrats and Republicans have many different opinions about many different things.One may not agree with any of the parties. It is important to know about the democrats and republicans because one of them can be the president. And they each have different opinions on specific topics. Since they both have different opinions,some may be better than others. And one may not agree with any of them. I think we should all be Independent.

One may think the democrats opinion on Jobs/labors might be better than the republicans.This might be because the democrats think that they should increase the minimum wage while the Republicans think that they should keep it the same.The democrats opinion can help people and the Republicans opinion can not. But people might not need to increase the minimum wage. This is one reason why the republicans or democrats might be agreed by a lot of different people.Another reason why people might agree is because of the democrats opinion on the environment. According to the article,the democrats think that “Climate change is an urgent threat”.People might agree with the democrats because of their opinion on the environment. But people might have an opinion none of the parties have. This might be why they’re independent.


People should also be independent because Democrats and Republicans have different opinions about things like education. People might also side with Democrats because of this. According to the text,the republicans think that “The federal government should not be in the business of originating student loans while the democrats think”every student should be able to go to college debt-free”. One may support the democrats in this situation because of their financial situation or their view on education. One may support the republicans because they might think education isn’t necessary or they have enough money. Although,others may agree with one of the parties because they might be influenced by their environment,One should vote Independent because they can have more opinions about things they agree. For example, The minimum wage could be raised for middle class people while, the First class could choose.    

In conclusion, Democrats and Republicans have many different opinions on many different things. Some things like education or jobs are an example. One may agree with the democrats because of their view on a subject or because of their financial state.  Your side on Democrats and Republicans can change because of the opinions they have. You can even be independent and,not agree with any of them.

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