Democratic President: The Right Choice

February 7, 2018
By kmcolbert BRONZE, Chicago , Illinois
kmcolbert BRONZE, Chicago , Illinois
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The debate of whether or not American citizen should vote a democratic or republican president into office has been a debatable topic for a long time. Democrats are more open to changing laws and making new ones, as opposed to republicans who value tradition and believe that we should leave the laws the way they are. A democratic president is the right choice because they have superior views on immigration and marriage. 


A democratic president is the right choice because they support immigration and the DREAMers act. The DREAMers act allows children of immigrants who were born in the United States to continue living here. Without this act children of immigrants will be sent back to the country they are from, breaking families apart. There are about 800,000 people, ages 31 and under that are supported under the DREAMers act according to Migration Policy Institute. Without this act this means that about 800,000 kids would be sent back to the country they have never lived in before without their parents. This is why someone should vote for a democratic president.

Votes should be given to a democratic president because of their strong views on marriage. Typically a democrat believes that marriage is marriage, whether it be hetrosexual or homosexual. This should be supported because according to study done by JAMA Pediatrics stating that since the same-sex marriage law was passed the LGBT youth suicide rate has gone down by 14%. This is important because suicide was tenth on the top ten causes of death in the United States as of 2016 and anything that helps the number of youth suicides go down and makes people more comfortable with themselves should be supported. This is just some of the few reasons why someone should vote for a democratic president.

One might understand that many people are against same-sex marriage because many married couples end up having children and a child needs a mother and a father however, homosexual couples have about 80% less children than their heterosexual counterparts according to a survey done by the Pew Research Center. One might also understand that is a common belief to think that many immigrants will do harm to the United States with acts of terrorism however only about 9% commit crimes once they are in the U.S. as stated in a report by Migration Policy Institute.

To sum up, one should give their vote to a democratic president because they have the strongest beliefs on immigration and marriage. They support the DREAM act which gives many children the chance to make a better life for themselves and they believe that marriage can be heterosexual or homosexual. These are just some of the few reasons why a democratic president is the right choice.

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