Safe Haven

February 15, 2018
By BriannaLogan SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
BriannaLogan SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Schools and Churches were once places where people went and felt safe. As little kids, students anxiously entered the schools doors excited to learn something new. When the school bell rang and it was time to go home, they could not wait to tell their parents what they learned in class that day. School provided them with a sense of comfort. Similarly, churches were places where people felt protected. Once they entered those doors, they would feel estatic to praise and worship their God, leaving at the end of the service with a smile on their faces as they prepare to share his word with their friends and families. Schools and Churches  brought excited but now the only thing they do is instill fear. Students, Teachers, and Churchgoers are now afraid to set foot into these buildings that they thought were created to make them feel safe. Parents are now afraid to send their kids to school because they are uncertain of whether it would be the last time they would see them again. The recent shootings across the United States has been the driving force of instilling this fear into society. One can look at other countries and tragedies like this is not so common. Why is it that tragedies like these happen frequently in the United States? Why is it that until a tragedy like this occurs, it is when everyone offers prayers and thoughtful words? Instead of offering prayers and thoughtful words, how about offering actions through setting stricter gun policies to prevent such outcomes? How about listening to the grieving parents, friends and families and taking action for them? For those that lost their innocent lives? It is time that the American society steps up and does its job where it is needed the most because this is certainly a huge issue that needs to be dealt with immediately to  ensure that places like schools and churches are safe again. To ensure that lives are not taken from senseless acts of violence.

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