How Conservatives Are Ruining The Nation

January 29, 2018
By KMante PLATINUM, Leicester, Massachusetts
KMante PLATINUM, Leicester, Massachusetts
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So we lost. As Democrats, we lost the election. We lost the House, and also lost the Senate. What we didn't lose was our power and desire to continue to fight for the millions of Americans around the United States, while incorporating the fundamental principles of unity, and care to those who need it most.

As Trump has settled into office, he has come to realize that his campaign promises are not that easy to fulfill. His effort to repeal Obamacare has most certainly been a struggle. Early in his term, Mexico avidly stated that they won't pay for ‘the wall’-that would cost over 70 Billion U.S Dollars to build, and 150 million dollars to maintain every year. Next, the new tax policy according to the Washington Post is going to add a trillion dollars to the U.S debt. It’s also going to cut graduate funding tremendously, affecting tuition waivers and making it more expensive for graduate students to go to school. Let us not mention the sexual allegations against him. Also Trump has decided to toy with North Korea. His care for Puerto Rico and Houston. Trump is putting at risk, the lives of millions of Americans and the rest of the world with his questionable decision making, inadequate use of facts and poor cabinet. This leaves much to be desired.

Reading Chris’ article on how Liberals are destroying America made me well aware of two things. How poor the Republican agenda is for the nation as a whole, and how blind all the other Republican are to the mistakes their own party leader is making. As Democrats, all we can do is speak out on the truth, and read the articles our colleagues are writing on how “we” are ruining the nation.

Chris begins his article by addressing NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem, and he somehow makes the correlation that the Liberal party was happy with this. “Liberal America was overjoyed that were being scrutinized by the president…” No, Chris. We were disgusted by the unbelievable words coming from the man who is supposed to be the leader of the free world. Trump ignored political correctness entirely, and crawled out of the mold of what a president should be like. Totally embarrassing our country in front of all the nations around the world. I also don't understand how you can directly correlate the drop of TV ratings to the kneeling against racial injustice. That's what this protest has been for. Maybe Chris, if you thoroughly thought about your argument you would realize that an absurd amount of injuries to some of the NFl stars this season including J.J Watt, Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, OBJ, Andrew Luck and David Johnson is what's been causing a decline in viewers. Or the fact that players have decided to bring back vicious hits, or the fact that the NFL is constantly under fire from new discoveries on CTE everyday, and let us not mention that NFl owners are fighting Goodell, Goodell is fighting the players, and the players fire fighting both the owners, and Goodell. But of course Chris why not, just blame the protests, when NFL players have the 1st amendment and constitutional right to protest. The fight is against racial injustice not the American flag.

On the other hand Chris, the truth is I really never understood how Liberals are ruining the nation. Your argument is solely based on nothing else but what's currently going on in the NFL. So for that reason, I really don’t see where you're coming from at all. I expected much more from a conservative like you. Are liberals ruining the nation because of what is going on in the NFL? I don’t think so.

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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -MLK

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on Jan. 31 at 7:33 pm
22rbhattacharyya GOLD, State College, Pennsylvania
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Go scream everything about conservatives ruining our country but look at the results of trump. Stock market, ISIS, unemployment? Stop complaining and actually help him pass partisan bills. What did you accomplish when Obama was president. Nothing major except a healthcare bill that doesn't work! The tax plan you hate so much is going to give an extra 2000 bucks in your parents pockets (I have read the whole text and I know you are from MA). Just deal with it that DEMOCRACY had chosen its leader and it is Trump.

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