The Political Divide

January 17, 2018
By sophie.4311 BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
sophie.4311 BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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Political division seems to impact everything. News channels twist the information to appeal to a certain side, only furthering the vast chasm between political parties. Each side despises the other, do they not? Not a day passes when I do not hear someone ridiculing our president--Donald Trump, even though half the country approves of him, the other half disregards their opinions and decides they must be insane and stupid. So the question is--how is this great difference brought about.

One story, two voices. The great dilemma throughout history, what to believe? This is a problem that strikes many now, as news channels, and other sources of media, tell the same event in different ways. Don’t get me wrong--neither is lying, but perhaps they are leaving out some facts to drive the point home. On occasion, I might be scrolling through Instagram-mainly for young people, and come across a page of very biased opinions being projected and told as the gospel truth. This can affect one’s opinion very much, as the young are often impressionable and will remember and even believe what they see. People may read an already biased article, then continue to post about the injustices and evils of the other political side, as it may have been exploited in the article. However, this post will contain less information, and more personal views, therefore affecting readers and viewers at heart instead of letting them have some degree of decision. Now-you may feel you are not affected by this, or it is not a great evil. Perhaps you are right, but make sure to keep your eyes open when next scrolling harmlessly through social media.

Perhaps the last example was not something you could relate to, so let’s try a new one. Ever been shopping, or in class, or with your friends, and noticed something that critiques the president greatly? Have you seen toilet paper with Trump’s head on it? Yes, yes-very funny. However, imagine how it makes the other half of the country feel and be portrayed when they notice this seemingly harmless joke? Nearly half of the country voted for and believed in President Trump, yet there are many dismissing those opinions and calling them stupid, insane, and fit to be flushed down the toilet, so to say.  Maybe that was a little vulgar, so if those first two points didn’t resonate with you, let's try the third one. Third time's the charm, right? Have you ever had a discussion in school about the president, just assuming everyone around you shared the same belief? Or a heated discussion about the outrageous result of a political debate. Have you ever stopped to consider in the middle of this, that, perhaps, no matter how strong one political side may be, that someone there feels hurt by the complete ignorance of their opinion that you show, by outwardly complaining over something many support. Just stop to think next time you begin to talk about who’s feelings or thoughts you may be ignoring.

Do you think this is a reasonable request? To stop and think once in a while about your discussion or what you see in the media? All I ask of you is to do this occasionally, so you can be an informed, unbiased voice in politics today.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece as I live in a dominantly democratic area, and many share their opinions without consideration for others who may not agree but will be shamed if they protest.

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