That Five Dollar Sweater

December 12, 2017
By Xbox1sMH BRONZE, Guelph, Ontario
Xbox1sMH BRONZE, Guelph, Ontario
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Have you ever wondered where that new sweater that you bought was made or if the workers were treated fairly or how you got that new shirt for so cheap? It is all made possible by people (Mostly kids) in third world countries who aren't being treated or paid fairly and being forced to work for rich companies.


I don't understand why rich companies like Nike, H&M, Gap and others use Sweatshops if they have so much money. Think about this; If the companies just made the factory they work in safe and pay the kids and people working for them fair it could grow that places overall economy and make that place more livable. It will also allow people to work for around 15 years and save their money and create a company which could be passed down through the family and the more companies the more overall wealth in a area. Then mabe in like 30-40 years the area won't be a third world and poverty in that place will decrease.


Guess what? Did you know that 900 people have died in Sweatshops since 2005 and that were only the ones that were recorded. They died from fires, abuse, diseases, hunger, thirst, buildings collapsing and many more reasons. Most bodies that are caught in the sweatshop fires are so burnt that they aren't even recognizable. Some bodies were found stuck and melted to the doors because the people in charge of that shop said for the workers to keep on working while the fire was still in progress and shut the doors then locked them.


How would you feel if you were one of those kids? One or both of your parents died and have no known relatives or ones that can afford to raise you? You would work for about 12-15 hours a day making barely enough to afford food. You might be thinking that would never happen but it does and we need to stop it before more lives are ruined and more people die.


So many people die every year from Sweatshops and way more lives are ruined from the gruesome amount of hours you have to work. There are around 11,000,000 kids in sweatshops and that is almost the same amount of people as there are in Greece. We need to stop this huge problem before it is too late and more people die.

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