Net Neutrality Concern

December 11, 2017
By FaultyConscious BRONZE, Wilmington, California
FaultyConscious BRONZE, Wilmington, California
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Hello! Some of you may know about the Net Neutrality issue that is occuring in the United States. For some who don't, Ajit Pai whom is the new Chairman of the Federal Communications Comminsion, had proposed a new idea which is getting rid of Net Neurality. So you people don't think that they barely came up with this because they didn't. This idea has been talked about before but, fortunetly, failed. Although I am not so certain this time as I have tried my best to stop this action against Net Neutrality. As I have learned in history class about how congress plays a role in certain situations, this problem is not one of those situations. Although the companies who are for getting rid of Net Neutrality could still possibly still be pursuaded even if time appears to be running out. 

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In my history class I am learning about our government's system and the three branches, and this happened to be the same branch I was assigned to. Which was another way of learning how our government works.

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