The True Meaning of Team

December 10, 2017
By wonjeongc0325 BRONZE, Commack, New York
wonjeongc0325 BRONZE, Commack, New York
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People view the Justice League as an inspiring team of superheroes working together to save the world...if you watched the movie. However, they too have flaws within themselves and their relationships with each other. Aquaman and Batman did not have great relations and Wonder Woman basically had to be the glue of the whole team. As a team member of the youth group at my church, I work as the hospitality team leader along with the president, vice-president, secretary, media team leader, photography team leader, and praise team leader. Through my experiences, I learned about the sacrifices as a team member and teamwork in general. So, I decided to write about the true of meaning of teamwork itself.


In a team, we all have one specific goal in common. In my team, our goal is to lead the youth group in a better path and change them into future Christian leaders. In the Justice League, the main goal is to save the world. So, if everyone in a team has the same goal, why would there be disputes? Each person in a team is different in their own way. Different personalities, methods, and ideas between people crash, leading to arguments. I’ve experienced seeing disputes over the format of a document or choosing which location is better for a church retreat. In a team, one member may not be open-minded to others’ ideas or one person may just go with whatever decision without a reason. In order for a team to be productive, sacrifices have to be made. You have to give up your idea and try to listen to others. Individually, team members have to sacrifice their time to work on their own jobs as well. If one person fails at his/her task, the whole team will fall. When a team is weakened, everyone forgets their main goal. Any team should never forget their goal and should someday achieve it. Without a goal, there’s no point of a team.

Hope plays a huge role in a team, especially when they’re at their lowest. At the end of the Justice League film, Lois Lane says, “The truest darkness is not absence of light but that light will never return… But the light always returns…  Hope is real.  You can see it.  All you have to do is look up into the sky.” When people say there’s no hope, they’re false. The truth is that they haven’t found hope. This same concept goes for a team as well. In order to rise up, the team members have to rely on each other. No one should think that they are struggling more or think that they’re useless. If one team member is in pain, the whole team is in pain with that person. If one person has hope, the whole team should try to have hope as well.

I learned that the true meaning of teamwork means a lot of sacrifice. Sacrifices of your time, of your choices, of your desires, and so much more. But from every sacrifice, at least one person benefits. Batman had to sacrifice his time gather a team and it wasn’t an easy task, but because of him, the world was saved by a successful team. I had to sacrifice my time to sleep in order to finish my task because I knew that if I didn’t do my job, it would bring the team down. Good relations and sharing the same passion for a specific goal in a team is very important. Only your team members can understand what you’re going through, so don’t shut them off and sacrifice your time to build relationships with your team members. Through everything I’ve been through with my team members, I came to realize the true meaning of ‘team.’

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