If I were mayor

November 28, 2017
By Anonymous

Mayor Doro. I like the sound of that. I would make a great Mayor. I could help so many people. I start thinking…If I were mayor what would I do? What would I change? Who would I help? As I listen to my mom lecture me about the chores I never do, I drift into a daydream...

If I were mayor of Waushara County in Wisconsin, I would make sure the kids have plenty of innocent fun, help businesses and get more roads repaired. This county is a lot of farm lands, and there are only a few little towns in it. The towns in Waushara County are boring and there is nothing to do as a teenager to stay out of trouble. Teenagers typically go hunting and on the weekends drink with friends which needs to change.

I would add a movie theater close to Madell's Lanes bowling alley which would bring more customers in. The movie theater wouldn't need to be too big, but still have five theaters to play the new movies that come out. Then, people wouldn't need to drive 30 miles just to see a movie.

At Madell’s, I would propose an idea where on the weekends there would be specials for high school kids. This would give them something to do rather than sitting with friends and drinking. Since this is going to be a commonplace kids would hang at, I would also add a restaurant that serves foods that teenagers like. They have to get sick of fish and Subway, the only places they have.

I would also try to add one more resturant in that area. Having the park, the bowling alley, and a movie theater will bring more teens in on the weekend keeping them out of trouble with the cops and increasing business.
“Victoria… Victoria… VICTORIA!” my mom yells, snapping me back into reality. “ Go do everything I asked before you go to work tonight.

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