If I Were Mayor of My Town

November 30, 2017
By Sophia_tiles0130 BRONZE, Miami Beach, Florida
Sophia_tiles0130 BRONZE, Miami Beach, Florida
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If I were mayor of my town, I would address mental health issues more often without being awkward. I wouldn’t be afraid to speak about how anxiety affects me or invite guest speakers to talk about their struggles and experiences. I would make it available for children with mental health issues to miss school if excused by a therapist’s note. A child would be excused occasionally from assignments if they feel the stress is too much. Homework in schools would also be banned because it contributes to stress even if someone doesn’t have an illness. That doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be work to do at all though. If a child doesn’t finish something in school, they will finish at home. If a child feels that they might have a panic attack coming on, they would be excused from class to see their guidance counselor just as they would if they needed to go to the nurse. Speaking of guidance counselors, they would be hired with as much seriousness as you would another teacher. They need to be qualified and ready to deal with children in a nice manner. Guidance counselors would also be required in every school. Schools would be required to inform children about different issues so they don’t grow up to think that mental illness is a joke or not serious. Children whose parents aren’t very caring based on issues would have a place to go instead of thinking the only way out is to end their life. Support groups, whether they’re in school or out in the real world, would be widely known. Some people do not take mental health seriously. Some people think it’s fake. But if it’s fake, then why has it been proven time and time again that it is something that makes your brain different than people with no mental health issues? I would make sure that everyone knows that it’s real, and it’s a problem. Research for cures or ways to cope would be highly funded. Let’s just say that mental health wouldn’t be a rare topic in my town if I were mayor.

The author's comments:

This extended paragraph was written by a girl with anxiety. She wants to make the world see how she and 1/4th of the population feels. She knows that not everyone will be on her side, but she hopes that most will.

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