If I Were Mayor of My Town...

November 30, 2017
By benz65 BRONZE, Ocean City, Maryland
benz65 BRONZE, Ocean City, Maryland
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If I were the Mayor of my town, my issue would be the school system. There are many things wrong with the school system that I would have to try to improve. Four main reasons why the school system would need to improve is being more boy-friendly, disability access, better lunches, and more options to foreign languages.

Being Boy-Friendly

Being boy-friendly is as important as being girl-friendly. It not what you would expect when someone would say the word "Boy-Friendly," but it is a problem in my town because more and more boys in schools are not motivated to go to school and therefore makes them less motivated to further their education. It is because teachers are not giving them what they would usually be interested in. Another thing I noticed is I usually see that recess time is depleting massively in our local schools, and the boys in the schools get antsy, so they act inappropriately in school. I will do my very best to look out for both girls and boys, by allowing more recess time for everyone to let loose and have more activities that match boys' interests.

Disability Access

When I go to school parties, I see that some of our schools do not have ramps for the people who cannot walk. They are required to walk to the back of some schools to be able to enter the school building. And it causes some problems for them and for me. I see it as a big problem for our schools because they should be able to have anyone come in here with easy access to the school buildings. The solution for this problem is that to add a type of ramp, to have disabled people to be able to go up the ramp and it will take the same amount of time for people who can walk to get into the building.

More Options for Foreign Languages

I see everywhere in our schools where the only option in foreign languages is Spanish. A few decades ago, there were many languages you could learn from Latin to Chinese, the possibilities of learning a language was endless. Then it started to deplete until there was only one, Spanish. It may be great to learn at least one language, yet our children in this town might not be motivated to learn Spanish, but might be fascinated or motivated to learn Latin or Japanese. Or they might want to learn American Sign Language since it is the second highest demand in the world. So, my solution will be to provide more options for students who wants to explore other languages and not just Spanish only.

Better Lunches

I think the school should be encouraged to make the food seem edible and tastier, not bland. The school lunches are displeasing to the eye and they look like they should not be fed to children at our school. Some of the children that go to our school would not even consider eating the fruits or the vegetables, but most children just go to buy junk food. If our schools are talking about eating healthy and not junk, then I think our schools should enforce that rule if they are informing people about it. They failed to astrict the calories we eat at lunch, and ends up making us more obese because all the food they serve us are processed food. Most students just eat the main meal and that's all, but only eat everything when the school lunch looks tasty to eat. All students know that the food they serve is not good and healthy so they try to avoid but only eat the food that taste good, so they end up wasting a lot of food that could have been eaten. Instead they could work with local farmers to buy fresh produce while making their economy better. While serving children better and healthier food and they have the space to cook the healthy lunches without costing them as much money. That will save more money for them if they turn to the cost-effective healthier meal plan.

So, in conclusion, the issue is the school system, and we have to change it for the better. We need our schools to be boy friendly, have more disability access, more options for foreign languages, and better lunches. The school system needs to be changed and be improved.

The author's comments:

I see everyday the challenges of school and since students see problems first-hand, and adults do not. So, I was inspired by the students who would like to make a change in our school system.

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