If I Were Mayor of My Town...

November 30, 2017
By msilva20 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
msilva20 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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 As I drive to the mayor’s office, I think of all the research I have done before running for this job. As the mayor, the main question my work will revolve around is, “How can I increase the sense of community within my town, make a positive impact on my town’s youth, and launch projects which will not only help the citizens within my community, but others as well?” After spending some time researching and reflecting upon this question, I know I am ready to be the mayor of my town.


As soon as I arrive in the office, I work on setting up a communication network in order to be able to inform the citizens within my town about upcoming events and as a form of receiving feedback from them. As mayor, I understand the importance of being able to listen to other people’s concerns and opinions, and therefore strive to be an approachable person to the people in my town not only in person, but through social media as well. I will set up a Facebook page and Instagram account, along with a website, which will announce upcoming events and be a source for the members within the community to share their thoughts, concerns, and make announcements. Members in our community will be able to announce for example, advances being made in their local businesses, prompting the citizens in my town to support their business. This information will also be displayed within our local newspaper. Thus, the members within our community who are not avid social media users will also have access to this information. With this communication network, citizens will be prompted to be more involved in their community and help come up with ideas on how to better the quality of life within their town, and as mayor, I will know which changes are needed to be made in my town based on people’s needs and concerns.

My second order of business as mayor is to visit my town’s public school. As the overseer of the education department, I am going to ensure the school is maintaining a high level of education and security, which will not only help the youth of our community, but help teachers and parents, as they will find comfort in the fact that their children are attending a school which is being regularly checked to ensure the security and educational support being given to their children is of the highest quality and utmost importance. I intend to give speeches regularly, encouraging the children to reach out to me and voice their ideas about what changes they would like to see within their town, stressing the importance that every member in our community’s voice matters. By conversing with the youth of our community, I have gathered that they do not directly see how their actions can make a difference in the world, as they view themselves as an immensely small portion of the population. I am going to work with the children in our town’s public school to change this point of view of theirs by first showing them how their actions can have a positive impact on their own community. I will show them that they can make an important change by working with them to develop an idea that will have an impact on their community, showing them how a positive action they make can better the lives of those around them. If more children realize how their actions can truly make a difference in other people’s lives, imagine the impact they will make not only in our community but in the world.

My third order of business as mayor will be to work on creating projects that will integrate the diverse groups within my town, which will help bring my community together and not only help the citizens within my town, but others as well. Service within a community is increasingly important. It not only helps others, but helps the people who are doing the service as well, allowing them to feel compassion, gratitude, togetherness, and fulfillment. I would like to launch community service projects not only as a way for our community to give back to others, but to integrate people of different races, religions, ages, and social status within our town to work together, allowing them to form bonds and improve the relationships of the citizens within our community. These events will be open to all age groups, from younger to older generations, as all members within our community are highly encouraged to complete community service. Advertising in our communication network and in our public school will- further encourage the younger generations to get involved in their community. According to an experiment conducted by the University of Nevada, children who are involved in volunteer work are more likely to succeed in school, graduate, and vote, proving the integration of a community service system in our town to be highly beneficial.

At the end of the day, I lock the door to the mayor’s office and log out of my newly created social media platforms. I drive home with the knowledge that I am driving my town toward an increased sense of community, making a positive impact on its youth, and conducting projects which will help the citizens within this community and others as well.

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