If I Were Mayor of My Town...

November 30, 2017
By Christian1234 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Christian1234 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Most mayors do their job well; however, I will exceed the standard expectations. I will do this by trying to fix many problems in my hometown of Miami. These problems include dangerous driving, severe flooding, and homeless people.

Reckless driving. All you have to do is go on I-95, or basically anywhere in Miami, and you will see it all. For some reason, people can’t drive in Miami. According to SmartAsset, Florida has the worst drivers in the country. They studied every state's propensity for driving tickets, traffic deaths, DUI arrests, and uninsured drivers, and ranked them all from worst to best. Florida was number one, meaning we have the worst drivers. This is a problem. This is why as a mayor, I will have a mandatory driver's test for every resident of Miami per 5 years. In this manner, it will ensure the bad drivers get taken off the road or will make them have to improve, in order to be able to drive again.

If you have lived in Miami for at least a few months, then you know the tides can get high. With sea levels constantly rising, it is no surprise that Miami keeps getting flooded. Scientists predict that much of Florida will be underwater by the next century, if we don’t do something about it. I will be the one to do something about it. To start off, I will help in the effort to stop global warming caused by humans, by influencing people to be cleaner. Cleaner cars, less pollution-inducing factories, and better machines in general. If we cannot stop global warming soon, then Miami will be partly underwater. Another solution to this could be to build dams and walls around the city; however, due to the strong hurricanes Florida tends to experience, even those tough walls and dams may eventually break.


Have you ever seen homeless people around the streets? I am sure you have. In Miami, it is a pretty big problem. As a matter of fact, Miami’s homeless population is on the rise, according to a census released by Commissioner Ken Russell this year. The number of sheltered and unsheltered homeless people has reached an all-time high of 4,235, since 2006. These numbers will keep growing, if we do not come together to correct this. As a mayor, I will provide for these people, help give them a place to call home. I will set up donations, so that I would not be forced to raise taxes. The funds collected will also be allocated towards feeding and clothing these people. Remember: they are people, too, and they deserve a place to live and food to eat. These people need our help; treat them the way you would want to be treated yourself.

As an overachieving mayor you will be able to count on me to keep my promises. These promises are to help problems in my city, such as fierce flooding, irresponsible driving, and preventable homelessness. Believe me, I am not trying to deceive you.

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David said...
on Dec. 1 2017 at 8:19 pm
Amazing article, leadership that should be happening now, but happy that future leaders like Christian will take the reins of Miami and make a good change for generations to come.
Congratulations! ☺

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