If I Were Mayor of My Town...

November 29, 2017
By OscarGMCDS BRONZE, Miami, Florida
OscarGMCDS BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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If I were a Mayor of my town I would address many problems.


But there is one that has always concerned me the most.  It is the problem with teenagers who come from low income areas who sometimes quit school and some of them end up doing drugs on the streets.

This situation is not only terrible but it brings other bad consequences for the town, like robberies, car accidents, and insecurity in general. I realize that there are usually public places or places that are not too expensive, that take care of the small kids, like  daycares. On the other hand, the elderly can go to places like nursing homes.
But teenagers, especially those with low resources and little guidance, do not have a safe and affordable place where to go to.

I would present a solution to this problem that affects all of us: Public places for teenagers to get guidance, recreation and shelter. Juvenile Centers.

I would insure guidance from tutors that could help teens with their school work or even teaching them skills for a job. There could be private classes that would help teenage students with their class subjects so they don't quit. I would also have great community leaders who could talk to them and advice them in any way they need.
As for recreation, I would offer arts and crafts classes, and I would also create teams of different sports and would have coaches who can put together tournaments. I believe having a library would also be important to encourage a passion for reading, and it also works as a healthy hobby.


Where would I get the funds to build and maintain the Juvenile Centers?

The money would come from the taxes paid by the more wealthy areas of the city. Part of the taxes that they already pay should be distributed to the less privileged areas. This way, we would be able to build these Juvenile centers to encourage these unfortunate people to have a better life and future by being entertained, helped, taught and at the end keep them off the streets. This at the end will benefit also the wealthy areas of the city.


In conclusion juvenile centers would be one of the best ideas that me as a mayor could develop. I would  develop Juvenile centers where everyone could help themselves and others by having a better city for everyone.

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