“If I Were Mayor of My Town…”

November 29, 2017
By jfhare BRONZE, Miami Beach, Florida
jfhare BRONZE, Miami Beach, Florida
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If I were the mayor of my town I would try my best to improve the town and take its strengths to the next level. In my opinion, a mayor is supposed to help their people by making the town the greatest place it can be. So, what I would do to make the town the greatest place it can be, I would assist with my town’s homeless people, give a day where the entire town would be cleaned up, and I would promote for up and coming artists in the community. By doing all of this, I would make my town the best place that it could ever be. 

One of the many issues I would address would be the number of homeless people in the town. Arguably, having large numbers of homeless people on the street has a very severe effect on the atmosphere of a town. What I would want to do is to open a lot more homeless shelters for them and provide medical care. If a lot less homeless people showed up on the street then the atmosphere would improve. Basically, homeless people are unable to provide for themselves so if the town was more helpful to them then, they would perhaps become more independent and they would not rely on random strangers for support. Generally, homeless people should be helped rather than forgotten about.

Another issue I wish to address is the state of pollution in towns. If there was a designated day for the entire town to pitch in and clean up the town, there would be less pollution. I think it would be best if there was a set day each week where the citizens would help with cleaning up the town. When the town is visibly cleaner, then again the atmosphere of the town would improve coming with benefits as well. For example, a cleaner town could draw in more tourists to the town. I believe that “kindness would lead to more kindness” and if more people would help then, others might want help too.

The third and final issue I would address as mayor would be promotion of up and coming artists. In my opinion, everyone deserves the chance to prove their talent and to express it too. The town’s atmosphere would greatly improve if creativity was being shown more and more often. It would once again attract other people to the town and it also displays “kindness leads to kindness.” For example, someone might be inspired by a work of art or choosing to by allowing someone’s art to be displayed would improve them as an artist and allow them to create more art. If there was more promotion of new artists, the town would greatly improve in many different ways.
Overall, if I were mayor then I would choose to focus on these three issues to improve the overall atmosphere of my town; building homeless shelters, cleaning up the town, and promoting artists and their work. If these three issues were addressed and fixed, my town would be a much better place for its citizens. Confronting these issues would give the model of “kindness leads to kindness,” in which one act of kindness would lead to another and another and so on and so forth. If everything here that was discussed were to be addressed, everything would be better.

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My name is Jacob H., I am an 8th grader. I enjoy creative writing and music.

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