Open Letter to Nordstroms

November 27, 2017
By soccer_sophia BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
soccer_sophia BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Dear Nordstroms,

It strongly upsets me that you discontinued selling Ivanka Trump's clothing line. I think this whole “decrease in sales” is just a cover up. It seems you disagreed to one of President Trump’s ideas. It upsets me that you discontinued selling a hard working business woman’s clothing line primarily because some people don’t favor her father as a person!
First, since when are you supposed to take a political stand? I understand having an opinion, but taking a direct stance off of politics is immature. Imagine if there was only one clothing line, and the CEO of Nordstrom's said, “I don’t  like the colors said clothing line uses, so we're not going to sell it any longer!” Well, you’re out of business. In context, that is basically what you are doing. But, you are most likely losing President Trump supporters. And considering he won the election, that is a large portion of the population.
You are losing customers because of your ridiculous decision --  customers like me. Sure I pop my head in once in awhile, but most of the time I deliberately evade or  avoid your store. I am not even a strong Trump supporter, it just bothers me that you  made a major move on something you are not even tied to. You are a business, not the government.
So Nordstroms, I hope you reverse your decision. As well as, think about what it is you are the next time you take a political or public stand.

The author's comments:

I was really upset that Nordstroms discontinued selling Ivanka's Trumps clothing line, so for our open letter assignment I decided to write to Nordstoms.

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