If I Were Mayor

November 10, 2017
By Smiley_Girl456 SILVER, Waukesha , Wisconsin
Smiley_Girl456 SILVER, Waukesha , Wisconsin
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Being mayor means responsibility. It means having control over what people are doing, and providing safety for my community members. There are many things that should be worked on in Waukesha community, but the main ones I would focus on are: drug prevention, humane societies, and road construction. 


Drug prevention is a problem, no matter where you live. People struggle with addiction everyday. Having younger kids become more aware of the consequences of getting involved with drugs could make them rethink doing them. This program would get kids of any age involved in the community to keep them busy. It would be promoted by having fun activities going on around the community all of the time. By keeping the kids busy, it would not give them a chance to do drugs or feel pressured to do any from friends. If the numbers of teens getting caught with drugs goes down, then I’d know it was successful. 

Another thing that needs more attention in the community is dealing with the humane society. This is a place that is looking for volunteers and donations from the community all the time. People sometimes don’t realize how much help animal shelters really need. In order for them to get more help, I would promote it more by having fundraisers held in the community. With more people around the area becoming more aware of this situation, they might help out more with donations and helping around the shelters. To get people interested in these events, I would have animals who are up for adoption at the event to allow people to interact with them.  

When I think of Wisconsin during the summer, the main thing that pops into my head is road construction. To make it easier for people to get around during this time, I would only have a few roads closed at a time and be working on them as much as possible to get them done quickly. After those roads were finished, it would go down the line of other roads that need to be fixed. By doing this, it prevents multiple roads being closed when nobody is working on them, and helps people get around easier when less roads are closed. This would also include on and off ramps. Many times this summer multiple ramps were closed, one after the other going down the highway. I would only allow one or two ramps to be closed at a time until they were both finished.
Being mayor is a job not many people would want to take on. If I were elected mayor in Waukesha county, I would provide a fun, yet safe environment for everyone.

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