Politics in Pakistan Right Now

November 26, 2017
By Anonymous


Situation  in the country has revealed that Mr Khadim Hussain  Rizwi  who is apparently  at daggers drawn with Nawaz Sharif is actually working at his side. If you look at the situation you realise that this is all a big melodrama....do you remember that when the KHATM E NABUWAT bill was passed we all wondered why?What is it aimed at?What could somebody acieve from it?But now the cat is out of the bag....they did this so that unrest is created to the level that the whole country comes to a halt and the government is fired on this issue rather than corruption, so that their masters continue to support them because of their anti-Islam actions....all pakistan loving people beware of unwillingly becoming part of this trap....all type of media...whatApp television facebook twitter had never been controlled like this before even when needed...this is all to create hype and force the army to intervene....but now the army is much more mature than before....May Allah be with Pakistan...Ameen

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