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November 23, 2017
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Have you ever heard the expression, “A penny for your thoughts”?  If not, here is a quick summary of the saying.  A long time ago, in Britain, the penny was worth a substantial sum, and it is said that someone would actually give people a penny for their opinions, their worries, or ideas.  Now, however, at least in the United States, it is said that the “pennies” that are supposed to be circulated, are very much close to worthless.  Both figuratively and literally.  Sort of like how many citizens voices now seem to be worthless, both governmentally and otherwise.  Remember those parents that were begging state representatives to get rid of common core math in their kids’ schools?  Yeah, the representatives didn’t even blink.  This sort of thing happens all of the time, and it is happening more and more often as people just stand by and just live their lives as they are, not yearning for anything more than their next paycheck.

The United States penny costs about $0.012 to make, and that means that, for every 5 pennies made, that’s six cents spent.  Eventually, when you have made 500 pennies, it costs $6.00.  More than it’s worth, right?  The money that is being spent to make the penny may seem like just a small amount, but think about how many pennies are out there.  It comes up to a hefty sum, and that sum goes right to the US's national debt. The penny is, quite literally, not worth it.  The representation of the penny, a citizen’s voice, seems to also not be worth it. 

Is this now what we really think of our citizens?  Our citizens’ thoughts, their opinions, their voice in this world?  Do we now believe that our citizens are as worthless as our pennies?  It seems to be the consensus.  Why?

When you think of the people under the body of a government, what is it that you really think of?  Do you think of a mass population that does nothing but live their lives, not caring what happens in this world?  Because if that is your idea of this matter, I truly must inform you; you are dead wrong. 

This nation’s people will not stand down and let our government ignore us, though that is exactly what they have been trying to do for years. 

We will always find a way to be heard, no matter how worthless we  are thought to be.

We all have a voice.  Use it.

You can make a difference in the world around you.  Just find your voice.  Speak up.  Take a stand. 

Do you really want to toss away your penny?

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Snowlady said...
yesterday at 5:56 pm
Yes you do! It’s Kathy Monesmith! So proud of you! Hoping you do great!
MasonAlce replied...
today at 8:30 am
Oh wow! Thanks! I hope so too! Hope you're doing great!
Snowlady said...
Dec. 5 at 9:43 pm
Great job Mason! Proud of you!
MasonAlce replied...
yesterday at 8:29 am
Thank you! Do I know you?
MasonAlce replied...
yesterday at 1:08 pm
By any chance?
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