If I Were Mayor

November 17, 2017
By aaliyahkd BRONZE, Carson, California
aaliyahkd BRONZE, Carson, California
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If I were mayor of my town I would try to address all the social and financial problems in town. I would first start off on where the town is at financially and see how the town can save money. Whether its using solar panels or finding eco-friendly items for my town to not only have a positive living town but also money wise town. I would also make sure theres a team that works on making sure the town is trash free and theres alot of recycling bins. With the social issues in town, I would make sure theres less problem by making sure everything goes smooth throughout the town. If any problems were to happen, I would make sure that the situation is handle correctly and fairly. I would find solutions to make sure the town people are happy. Overall I would make sure that the town is run fairly and safely.

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