If I Were Mayor of My Town

November 17, 2017
By Anonymous

If I were mayor, some of the new ideals I would developed further and put into place are better rules for creating equality and ending gang violence. I would also make changes in education that make learning in my city much more easier and accessible.

When it comes to equality, something I notice in my community is that people are treated differently based on various things. Since most people in my neighborhood are of Hispanic, people are less likely to experience more diversity. If I were to be mayor I would most likely implement programs that United kids and people of all different backgrounds that unite people of different nationalities and this can also lead to people make more connections and better feedback to make the community stronger. I believe the collaboration would also lead to an array of creative solutions to problems and a positive impact on various cultural combinations.

Secondly, the gang violence is something I would want to put an end to. To get rid of this would be a lot harder because it’s something that could potentially be dangerous. I believe that starting with the youth and making schools better can help to lead youth into the right path and away from gang violence. I also think make rules more strict and having more enforcement officers can help to put an end to crimes. I also believe that by offering incentives to areas where gang violence is prominent, gang members could get jobs and change their lives in positive ways that give them chances to regain hope in who they can become rather than turn to going against the law and committing crimes carelessly.

Lastly, the education in my community has a lot of room for improvement. At my high school especially I would like to make changes to the conditions of school environments. I think that making schools cleaner by hiring more janitors and creative incentives to keep schools cleaner will give students better places to learn. I also think improving the food that schools serve will also give students a better opportunity to success because is proven that in order to have your full brain power, students should maintain healthy nutrition.

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