If I Were Mayor of My Town

November 15, 2017
By Anonymous

When I think of mayor I think of a leader or someone who guides their city. If I was mayor for a day I would do my absolute best to make my cities community the greatest it could be. The goals I would like to pursue include; improving Education, Housing [low income individuals and families], increasing Police actions and hiring more, community safety, and emergency management. Growing up in Miami Dade county has influenced me to serve the city and improve the issues that need to be addressed.

Today in our community low income families are not getting the education they deserve for their futures, as this is our next generation i would offer as many possible scholarships as I could and lower the tuition of schools form K-12. I would hire better staff and teachers in schools to offer only the best. I would invest in technological education, computer labs, and smart boards. Technology should be used in these students lives daily, so every student has the opportunity to adjust to the generation of education online.

Housing for low income individuals and families has become a serious issue due to natural disasters, unemployment etc… I will encourage more employment throughout the city in factories and large businesses. These jobs will assist low income families financially with their living situation. Homeless shelters would be built throughout the city to house people and families who currently live on the streets.

There are millions of citizens in Miami Dade county and only four to five thousand police officers. In this day and age, a crime occurs every couple minutes. More police officers are needed to improve; public safety, emergencies, crimes, and citizens in need. As far as increasing the police force, I would hire more police offering medical insurance and other benefits for them. These actions will not only create a safer community, but it will make my citizens feel happier as well.


With the police force improved offering only the safest community. I would try to raise funds to place more cameras in as many public places as possible. This would help prevent and solve crimes. Community watch programs have been very helpful in many neighborhoods in the past. Increasing these neighborhood watch programs will help citizens be safer even in their own homes.

Natural disasters have destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes and caused many people to lose their homes and all their belongings. During this time of need I would offer improved, expanded public shelters. This would allow all residents who are in need of safety and support, a place that they know will help. Supplies can be extremely limited during these disasters. Asking companies to help donate necessities like food, water, first aid, toiletries, etc… can make them more comfortable when the need it the most.

There are many priorities that have not been addressed the way they should be. The issues listed in my essay are very important to me. I would make it my job to try to get everything accomplished as promised. My community and the needs of each individual is very important to me. I believe that I could make a difference as mayor of Miami Dade county.

The author's comments:

This peace was inspired by modern day issues that were brought to my attention. I wish for people to recognize the issues that I adressed and to make a change. 

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