Why There Is No Wage Gap

November 15, 2017
By VasilijeN SILVER, Tirana, Other
VasilijeN SILVER, Tirana, Other
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The wage gap is a myth, it has been debunked a lot of times, by famous websites, politicians, and businesses, proving that the wage gap doesn’t exist. Feminism has a long story telling otherwise, but, they’re not telling the whole story.

Very recently, in Harvard university they underwent a gap inspection. Harvard university assigned the best students in the university to try and figure out if the wage gap exists. The students couldn’t find anything.
Feminism tells us that women work the same, why can’t they be paid the same? Well they don’t account on the whole story, because a pay i measured by: time worked, work done, breaks taken and so on. On an average women work 7.8 hours a day, while men work 8.2 hours a day. Also women take pregnancy breaks, which account for a lot of time, a couple of months I think.

Women also graduate more often, approximately two times as often as men, and they are wanted for jobs more than men. But they choose lower paying jobs, worse schools. Back then in the 70s there was a wage gap, it was so obvious that women just adapted. But they were not in expensive  and great schools like men. It was basically because they ate a lot of discrimination and criticism from men to choose less paying jobs and lower roles in those jobs. But it’s 2017, there is no wage gap and women are free to choose any job in the world, so why don’t they?

A wage gap is a distance between a mans and womans pay, but if it doesn’t exist, which it doesn’t, their pay is the same. Even Obama said: “a woman deserves equal pay for equal work”.

Using the statistic that women make 78 cents on the dollar as evidence of rampant discrimination has been debunked over and over again. That statistic doesn’t take into account a lot of choices that women and men make—education, years of experience and hours worked—that influence earnings. Those were debunked over and over again, and if women want to get paid equally they need to work the same as men, same time, same job and then they will be paid equally.

It’s all simple, men choose higher paying jobs, and women complain when they have the same opportunities as a man. Even if the wage gap existed, it still wouldn’t be the case when women themselves choose lower paying jobs. There were hundreds of studies of the wage gap, but they couldn’t find anything, leading to a load of bull.
And that is what people believe in today. That we are divided by unequal pay, which is not true. They say that women earn less because they are women, it’s not because they are women, it’s because that women generally work less, and choose less paying jobs, and they are showing people lies and fiction. It is true that they earn less because they work less, but not because they are women. If men worked less they would earn less than women, not because they are men. Women are just as capable for earning money, just as much men are capable of earning. All these things, together, are contributing to why the wage gap simply does not exist.

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We recently had a persuasive essay, and i chose the one thing that needs to be let out. I was really intrested about this topic and really wanted to do reaserch for the topic to understand it more.

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CathyB said...
on Nov. 22 2017 at 12:27 pm
CathyB, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Unique... Idea? However, I have quite a few questions/comments: 1) Check your capitalisation and sentence structure. You use the phrase, "debunked over, and over, and over" way too many times. 2) Where's your Works Cited? You present no real evidence and also give your readers no way to check your facts. 3) It is not as simple as "Men choose higher-paying jobs". Two words: Glass Ceiling. Look it up. 4) Your quote from Obama (which is not formatted/cited correctly, therefore I don't even know if Obama actually said it) does not support your arguement. It actually contradicts it. 5) Regarding your third to last paragraph: Search "gender pay gap" in google. Click the first link from an organisation called AAUW. Then click the next link, then the next, and the next. Those are websites that cite their sources and give cold hard facts. 6)Your second to last paragraph is flagrant opinion with no basis in facts whatsoever! Just because you deem something a "load of bull" does not make you right or intelligent.

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