November 20, 2017
By golfer123 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
golfer123 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The government needs to have more youth in it. The mayor spot is always a male with an average age of 50 something. I think it would be good to have a mayor that is younger because it is a different point of view. This is because sure the older mayors have ideas, but they are similar just with very small changes of each other. If we get younger people in they could shed new light on issues they their predecessors didn’t think of. My name is Josh Zolinski and I am 17 years old. If I were to be the mayor I this is what I would do.

If I was the mayor I would spend time on marketing and public relations. Besides the places around my house I have no idea what places are in Waukesha County. What I would do first is I would start marketing is the history of Waukesha. I would do this so later generations would not forget the important parts of this area, that shaped Waukesha County to what it is now. Iike how waukesha was originally called Prairieville. Also that it changed to Waukesha County when it was settled by Morris D. Cutler in 1834. Or people may forget that in the 19 century, waukesha became famous for its healing waters. I would do this by having commercials made to show places around Waukesha. This will hopefully help people make the decision to go and visit places around there. Also I would pick certain days to represent important days from Waukeshas past. Like what I was talking above when Waukesha was first founded.

Another subject I would work on is testing in school and the durg issues that are going on in schools. I want to change the testing in school. I want to change it around because I do not think think that taking a test like the ACT, is a good way for schools to judge the smartness of kids. With being a high school student I know how hard it is for a student to sit in a room for half of the day. When taking the ACT some of the students have a hard time sitting still and taking the test. They get bored or think of other things they would rather be doing on there saturday. Drugs are a problem in schools nowadays. The normal drugs like weed isn’t that big of a problem inside school but vaping is a really big problem in school. Since I am in highschool right now I have a firsthand experience with this. When I go to the bathroom throughout the school day there is someone vaping in the bathroom stall. Outside of school there are people that like to smoke weed. At my school I haven’t noticed people doing the harder drugs but I know it happens. What I want to do to fix this problem is to have drug dogs come more often. I want this to happen because right now they only come twice a year at my school. I’m sure this is how most schools are. Also I want to improve the drug test. At my school the drug test are cheap and don’t work. Some kids at my school when they get drug tested say they should have been busted for weed or nic but they passed the drug test. This is a big issue because if the test doesn't work then how are they suppose to catch the kids that do drugs. These are only the first two small solutions to fix the drug issues in schools. After we try these we can see how these work and we can what other changes we need to do.

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