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November 13, 2017
By hills22 GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
hills22 GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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If I were mayor of Waukesha, there would be multiple issues I would address including celebrations/festivals, humane societies, and improving the health of our air and water. As someone who has grown up close to my community and have seen some unchanging issues, I believe I would highlight and solve many crucial areas of our city. I have formulated a list of how and why I will address these problems if I were mayor.


Wisconsin is very well known for music festivals and celebrations (such as Summerfest) that attract hundreds from across the country. It is an event for almost all ages and results in a lot of profit and good memories. However, that is located in Milwaukee (outside of Waukesha). One of my objectives as mayor would be to integrate more festivals and celebrations in Waukesha. I want to attract concerts, fairs, and celebrating heritages . Not only would celebrations attract more tourists, but Waukesha’s location is very convenient and central to many surrounding cities.

Having more festivals and celebrations would not only bring in tourists, but it would also give a wider range of activities to participate and attend year round instead of relying seasonally.

Finally, by also taking the input of people for what they would like to have happen, there would also be more community involvement and mixture—leading to a more common and familiar setting.

Humane Societies
As mayor, I would also like to focus more in on solving and attacking the issue of animal abuse and suffering. It is not always easy to know when, where, and how often it occurs, so patrolling groups and places to report the abuse would be suggested.

Also, I will insure better screening will be recommended to ensure that anyone who is trying to purchase a pet is compatible and checked to see if the animal would be in proper care and overall safe.

More adoption and rehabilitation centers would be suggested for the care and recovery of suffering animals. Along with these centers, I personally will spread awareness for the cause and more official events community members can participate in and even lead to adoption itself.

Air/Water Health
With the increasing amount of production and manufacturing in several types of industries, the amount of pollution and other harmful chemicals are increasing as well put into our atmosphere. As mayor, more funds and donations will be suggested for prevention of pollutants excreted. Therefore improving the overall health of the city.

Along with prevention, there will be more effort put into finding healthy alternatives and using more clean or renewable energy. This could be by using recycled material or installing more solar panels or wind turbines.
Not only has the atmosphere been recently affected and on a slow decline, but also our water quality. With increased waste and population, the cleanness of our water has been a growing concern. As a advocate for the protection of the environment, I would ensure there is more effort made to monitor what we are putting in our water, to make sure what we get out of it is nothing harmful. (more monitoring on big businesses)

Also, I would increase patrolling and the level of testing done in our water sources. More community projects and volunteer work will be made steadily available. Here too, as mayor, I would increase awareness and make it known how crucial clean water is.


Overall, by addressing these issues I hope to unite the community and create a safe living environment for everyone. If appointed, I will do all in my power to make sure the people’s voices are each heard and acknowledged. I would connect with everyone on a personal level and make sure people are aware of how well I know them all.

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