If I Were Mayor

November 13, 2017
By Soccer877 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Soccer877 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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If I the mayor of Waukesha, Wisconsin, I would fight for more power given to the mayor because they don’t do anything other than assigning people what to do.  If I were mayor I would not assign people anything. I would take control of those jobs myself. For example, I would not assign people to do jobs for organizations, I would be a hands-on mayor and take control of the community. Which is something that Waukesha needs to do? I would do this because nobody in our class knows the name of our mayor. To be hands-on and to get involved in things that are needed within the community, being able to attend the important things than meetings. For example, I will self-promote school events like musical productions and big games than attending them myself. I will do this on social media, I am tweeting out every game I am going to. This will help people be more active in what they do know that the mayor will be there and will give back to the schools by increasing the revenue of these events.

Being the mayor I would attend all of Waukesha County schools sporting events and musicals. This will make kids of that school be more willing to try new things and bring more money into that event. Also, I would push for relocation of the Bucks to the Waukesha, renamed the Waukesha Warhawks. This could help the franchise of the dying Milwaukee Bucks to give them a new life in the suburban Hartland area. This could bring a ton of new and young fans for the Bucks and even more revenue for the Waukesha Area. The biggest thing that is needed for the community is an outgoing mayor. I would get my hands dirty and try to fit in with everyone, attending parades, and going to events to get my name out there and fix the boring mayor qualities that we have now. The mayor is such a dead job it's just like using dead words in an essay. Do they even make the story better?

Making me mayor will bring revenue and a new life to the Waukesha County. I would also want to start a community garden.  For new fresh fruit and vegetables, this will give a place for people to meet and some healthy options to eat that you know will be fresh. I will be the main person keeping track of the garden but I will also offer new opportunities for younger kids to help water and teach them the importance of a healthy diet and how good fresh fruit can be. A garden will bring people together will clean up the streets and will make the area healthier.

My last idea for mayor I would execute is Pick an Umbrella. I will have the town donate umbrellas and I would purchase some. I would leave umbrellas at crosswalks and high capacity areas around town and if you're walking from Sweet Dreams to Arrowhead there will be a place to pick up umbrellas and drop them off when you get there so people will not have to get wet in the rain. This will be another way to get exercise by now wanting to walk more often. This will make the community greener by having more people walk takes cars off the road and the air cleaner.

To conclude, I would make the mayor a fun occupation. I will go to school events, I will bring the Bucks to Waukesha, I will make a garden for the entire community, and I would start the Pick an Umbrella. This will make Waukesha the number one place to live in the country and the best place to raise a family.

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