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November 14, 2017
By ant071599 BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
ant071599 BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
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As the new publics face, Mayor of Hartland, Wisconsin, I will share with you my vision of the city's future. I will also show you the full potential of what our city is capable of doing for every individual. I will start with the issues that need to addressed. Then explain why they need to be addressed, and finally, I will end with how I’m going to go about addressing them.

Issue one: Drug control

As a proud student at Arrowhead High School and the city of Hartland, I’ve grown a close relationship with the younger generation. I’ve also gained knowledge about new trends, new hobbies and what's fun and what’s not. Having a front row seat to the people's problems, I've been able to pull out a troubling trend from our future's leaders. It is something that you just can't seem to run away from something that is heard about, and talked about daily: drugs. Growing up all through middle school and high school, I heard about many forms of drugs such as weed, LSD, Molly (MDMA), cocaine, alcohol, nicotine and even heroin. My classmates and I know about the effects through basic drug classes taught through school. However, these classes don’t do a very good job of influencing kids to stay off. Seeing people and knowing people that have used drugs really opens your eyes to the effects. Not just on them but everyone surrounded by it. One way I plan on addressing this problem is to give the kids more education about drugs and show them real damage. Through studies and even through a drug user and telling about personal effects he/she noticed. Weather it family relationships, learning ability, or knowledge decrease in just basic thinking and communicating with others. I don't plan on this to keep everyone off drugs. I know it's not reasonable but  I do plan to make them think before they take a hit or ingest anything. I hope to see a high percentage of high school student have the capability of saying no. Also be a good influence on each other rather than the amount of peer pressuring there is today.

Issue two: Individual health

In our community of hartland, one thing that is outstanding is our schools and athletic programs. Just looking at the schools in the area and there sport performances really set themselves apart from other areas. Which I think is due to all the local gyms. So how is this a problem? It's not, but it is something that needs to be kept at a constant. I think improving gyms and adding public sports through a rec department will keep everyone happy and active.This also links very well with the drug problem. More strong minded athletes equals less drug use and less peer pressure. Plus there are many people that always want to lose weight and eat well. Although many want this many do nothing to achieve it. So why not help them out? My goal to help the community reach their goal. Through funding and lots of advertisement. I believe this will pull more people in, keep people off of technolgy and live there life the way it was meant to be lived. I hope it also brings people closer and cause people to communicate with one another. My vision is to see more people outside,more people happy and more people involved.

Issue three: Community service
As you many know there is a lot of money spent for public gatherings, public parks and public projects. As a student I always asked why do we spend this money for things that the we can take part in? Why pay a man to do work a proud citizen would do for free? The reason is now a days community service is seen to be for those who have committed a crime. This is definitely wrong, my goal is to change the people perspective on that and get the people that sit at home over viewing their own private lake and have a 2017 car sitting in the driveway to get up and get their hands dirty. There is ton of work to go around for those that care. Why spend thousands on setting things up for gathering. When we can have people of the community that care do it. Why fix a public park when the public does care enough to maintain it themselves. I plan to start clubs at local schools like “KEY” club at arrowhead to help the city maintain money for much needed purposes rather than easy labor. This will be easy, but will not be is changing the minds of adults. I completely understand their reasoning for doing nothing. Think about it you sit at home do nothing you have everything and someone somewhere will do all this work any ways. It's nice, but I feel that today's society lacks a lot in communication and real work. I feel if we could turn back time to fifty years Its would be a problem. So I ask are you the problem or the solution?

As the new publics face, Mayor of Hartland, Wisconsin, I hope  my vision of the city's future. Will show you the full potential of what our city is capable of doing for every individual. With the three issues that were addressed, drugs, individual health, and community service. Things will change with you being the difference.

The author's comments:

This piece includes my three visions of what I would like to see change in my city.

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