If I Were Mayor of Hartland

November 14, 2017
By CW12A SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
CW12A SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Picture your ideal living situation: a nice home, a loving family, or knowing you’re financially safe. There is no more of an ideal place to live than in Hartland, Wisconsin; warm temperatures in the summers and glittering snow in the winters. The town has a crime rate of 9.76 per 1000 people and is halfway between Madison and Milwaukee. You are far enough away from the city where there isn’t traffic all of the time, yet close enough where you can drive to either in less than an hour. But every town has its problems. If I were Mayor of Hartland, my efforts would be strictly driven towards making the town a better place to live, encouraging growth, and giving citizens a say in their government.

The constant changing of temperature in Wisconsin destroys the roads. People drive to work in the morning and risk breaking their car by hitting a pothole. I want to fix the roads. I would make an effort to repave all of the roads within city limits. We would gain the money for this by temporarily raising taxes based on wealth, high class citizens would donate more and pay for most of the roads while lower class citizens would not have to give up as much. Also, Hartland currently does a good job on the amount of community events but the quality can be improved. Focusing on the marketing for these events will bring in more people and make more profit for the city. Specifically, I would like to bring in a big name artist into our local high school football stadium for increased public relation. Students and residents would get a heavily discounted ticket price and non residents would get a normal ticket price. This would give our residents an increased support of government functions and overall involvement in the government.

The next step to making this city the best it can be is to promote economic growth. Bringing small businesses into the city will increase consumer spending and business income. The local government will offer government owned property at a lower price to small businesses and promote them to expand. Small business owners often are very involved throughout the community and would support our events. Having good relationships with them will promote Hartland’s growth for the future.

The third step would be to get the people more involved in their government. Democracy cannot work without the citizens taking part in the government. America was based on giving people the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Hartland needs to improve on relaying information in their meetings to the townspeople. A website will be created for all of the current governmental projects and sponsored events. Additionally, there will be a dropbox for people to contact government employees or the mayor. Whether it be a complaint or a suggestion the government needs to recognize what to do about different problems. Expanding this suggestion box to the town will get problems solved much quicker and make Hartland a better place.

Being a mayor of a town require a lot of focus and hard work. I would be perfect for the mayoral position because of my past experiences. I grew up on a farm and learned the importance of efficient and hard work first hand and want to bring that to the community of hartland. Together we can make Hartland the best town it can be by making it a better place to live, encouraging growth, and letting people express their opinions to the government.

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