Running a town as Mayor

October 23, 2017
By flapjack BRONZE, Palm Desert , California
flapjack BRONZE, Palm Desert , California
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I could hear the crowd cheering as I stepped onto the stage. I had just been elected mayor of this town. After being announced mayor I stepped into my new office and started working on paperwork. I can’t wait to help this town in every way that I can.
The first thing I would do as mayor is to fix traffic congestion due to construction. I would want to fix this problem because a majority of people get to work by car, but are late because of traffic. Traffic can affect many people in my new town. Traffic will also affect the planet. Due to the car being stuck in traffic the fuel will burn higher. This causes more fuel to be used and expelled. Excess fuel expels can lead to pollution and global warming. Another reason would be because of life or death situation. Life or death situations don’t happen often, but they do occur. If someone was in need of medical attention the ambulance would have a hard time getting there due to traffic. Lastly, traffic congestion can lead to health problems. Studies have shown when stuck in traffic for a period of time it can induce stress, which could lead to mood disorders or anxiety.
The second thing I would do as mayor is conserving energy and focus on the environment. I want to conserve energy because some of the energy used is fossil fuel. If we were to use all of our fossil fuel now there would be nothing left. There would be nothing left because fossil fuel is a nonrenewable resource. Burning more fuel can also add more pollution to the air. Along with everything else conserving energy lowers greenhouse gas emission. With all these problems created by too much fossil and energy consumption if we stop it, it could help with climate change. I would also want to focus on the environment because within conserving energy it helps with the environment.
Finally, the third thing I would do is work on public safety. Public safety plays a huge role in towns because who would move to a town where they don’t feel safe. If we don’t have public safety it can cause fright and panic in the city if anything happens. Without public safety, it can cause more violence to occur and because of that, I would work on it.
All and all being mayor would be a lot of work. Due to the importance of these problems I would work on them.  I would work on traffic congestion because it can affect the earth and cause pollution, workers on the way to work and put stress on some people. I would want to conserve energy because it could lead to pollution and climate change. Lastly, I would work on public safety because it can lead to more harm within the town.

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