If I Were Mayor

November 10, 2017
By Simply.aliannah BRONZE, Greenwod, Arkansas
Simply.aliannah BRONZE, Greenwod, Arkansas
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If I was mayor, if only it wasn’t a cliche. If it wasn’t where the people of the town think that they are all powerful. In fact they have little say in what happens in the town and how it it run. Usually it's the towns’ people who run the town our mayor is the one who represents us, It’s almost as if we have someone whispering what to say in the mayor’s ear. If I was mayor I would Encourage our people to tear down the abandoned warehouse and build a new library/ recreations place for not only teens to go but children and adults as well. I think this would be a great opportunity for us to come together as a community and really show our pride in something.

Greenwood as I know it is a place where the community is a tight knit one who shares a general interest in Football. Then again what is different about our small town? We are very educated based and we have a huge highschool in the middle of our town. Almost as if our town was built around our high school. We are very proud of our academics and all Football players are relatively smart, outgoing young men. Our cheerleader are studious and beautiful young women. We have a prime Hangout spot where we spend our summers hanging on a hammock on a cliff. Our park is where we all come together and enjoy our time. But that's about it. We can't go to a diner and hangout there seeing as it's always full. When it's too hot outside we always sit in shade but we don't have much else to do. Our town of Greenwood used to be full of things to do and see, but now it's just a bunch of historic things and politics we enjoy getting together as a town and I think a rec center would be great. Greenwood as a town loves to fundraise and if we show the causes, we would have enough money to tear it down and build a new place for not only just the teens but everyone to enjoy a place to be and be safely. This could be one step to get a community that takes pride in every aspect of our town and not just our academics or undefeated football team. We could be a town that everyone that visits could marvel about our Rec center and gives children and adults to enjoy their time.

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