If I Were Mayor of My Town

November 10, 2017
By ckennon1115 BRONZE, Greenwood, Arkansas
ckennon1115 BRONZE, Greenwood, Arkansas
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Mayors, especially of a town as small as mine, generally don’t have the capacity to make many great changes during their time in office. This is why I think it’s important for such mayors to stay in their lane and not make promises they can’t keep. If I were the mayor of my town for a day, I would use all of the power invested in me to put more crosswalks on the streets. There is an issue with Jaywalking in our community and I wholeheartedly believe that more crosswalks would resolve this issue, given that such a thing is their purpose. Although it may be a slight power grab on my part, I know that in the end, it will benefit the people I represent. Obviously a lack of crosswalks is not the only thing that plagues our municipality, but I think I’ll leave the communal divide between those with different beliefs and the off-putting taste of the tap water to someone with more of a say in the city’s future.

I also think that more sidewalks would be an appropriate addition to Greenwood city life. Children who walk to school are forced to walk in ditches or slow down traffic by taking up road space. This not only raises safety concerns, but creates an inconvenience for both drivers and walkers by slowing commute time. More sidewalks and crosswalks may not be necessities in Greenwood life, and it may be difficult to accomplish for a politician as widely scoffed at as a mayor, but when trying to win over the populus, go big or go home.

These things are constantly complained about by my peers and the adults around me, myself included. I want to improve the overall morale of our community as well as give a sense of security to those affected. These issues cause a divide between the walkers and drivers because the drivers hate the walkers and the walkers hate the drivers. I want them to both unite on the grounds of more sidewalks and crosswalks, and I want them to achieve that goal with the help of each other and myself.

I plan to achieve these goals by rallying the people via public speeches in our town “square,” which is actually a circle. This will result in the newspaper covering the issues and more open mindedness within the community. I will personally put up flyers throughout the city advertising my proposals for crosswalks and sidewalks. Obviously I will need to raise the people’s tax dollars to earn money for such funds, and raising awareness for the issue and convincing people that it is worth it would likely be enough get them to vote in my favor.

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