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November 10, 2017
By 9huhniuk SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
9huhniuk SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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As a candidate for mayor of Waukesha, I would first improve animal control. Some of the things that I will do is restrict the amount of pets a person can have. Someone who has ten dogs cannot take proper care of them unless they have other people to  help them with the job. At the moment some areas have no regulations at all in the county of Waukesha. I would reduce the amount of animals that a single person can have at a time to two dogs and two cats in all areas of Waukesha. I will regulate this by pet stores making sure that they keep track of how many pets someone has. The reason I chose this problem is because there are laws like this one in the Village of Hartland, but in Menomonee fall they have no regulations.  Pets require a certain amount of attention and if they are not cared enough for they might run away. This could lead to problems because they could become a accident on the road.

Something else that I will requiere is when someone buys a animal that the place they buy it from specifies the amount of food and water that animal requires. There are two types of animal abuse, unintentional negligence and intentional cruelty. I will be focusing a lot on unintentional negligence because this is the most common form of animal abuse. Unintentional negligence is when someone doesn’t know how much to feed the animal and often times it’s too little. What I will do is require for pet stores to say is how much to feed the animal at certain times of the day, and if they are bought while they are young to say when to give bigger portions to the animal as they grow.

Another topic that I will focus on is road repair. More specifically maintaining the road. According to American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials repairing a road in bad condition can cost up to 14 times the amount of money that it would cost maintaining a road in good condition. On another note something that I will put a emphasis on is repairing all the bad roads that have been left for someone to fix later. The reason for it is once the roads are fixed then maintaining the roads in good condition will save money and it’s a good long term plan that will benefit the people, community, and budget. Not only that, but make the road designes safe for others. One of the things things that I will try to do I when there is a sidewalk near a busy area I will install bollards, so if a car does stray of the road it will reduce risk that a pedestrian is killed from the collillishion. I will do this by raising the taxes depending on how much money each person makes per year. 

Have you ever wondered why some years the christmas break seem longer? Well that's because they were longer. A problem that I will address is holidays in this area. The biggest problem that I would like to shine some light on is that if a break falls on the saturday then the schools don’t take off the extra three days that students would have if the break fell on tuesday, wednesday, or thursday. What I would do as mayor is no matter what day the holiday lands on you will automatically get those extra three possible days off. I will do this by making the schools create a schedule that incorporates this requirement.  

These changes are just a start to a better community. Voting for me will help everyone benefit. Our kids will have a less stressful school experience, our roads will be improved and maintained well, and finally our pets will have safer and healthier living conditions. So if you want to see this kind of Waukesha county let me be your mayor.        

The author's comments:

I'm writing about how if I was running for Mayor what my campaing speach would be like. 

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