If I Were Mayor of My Town

November 10, 2017
By chris.k13 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
chris.k13 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Old ideas. Thinking inside the box. Following the norms. The average age of representatives and mayors is 62 years old. In return, Wisconsin sees little change because the ideas of the elderly are ancient to what's relevant in 2017.

New ideas. A simple solution to this problem is represent youthful individuals who are hungry to make change in Wisconsin. I am that youthful idea and this is why you should vote for me for Mayor.

Our society is changing so our government should as well. With a youthful mayor, the government would see the need for more entertainment in Waukesha County. To bring even more youth, I would change the ages to become a board member. For example, if there are ten board members one has to be between the ages of 25-35, 36-45, 46-55, 56-65 and the other six can be ages of whomever the people elect. This forces ideas from every age group to be heard.

I live just eight minutes away from the city of Waukesha, but I have never attended an event ran by Waukesha County. This creates a barrier between communities. Change is needed.

Thinking outside the box. One example that creates a sense of unity is a sporting team. Bringing in a D-League basketball team or Triple A team would attract people of all ages. Money is a problem to bring in a D-League, but the tickets sold will eventually turn into revenue for the County. This will then help with more opportunities to bring entertainment to the county. The games entertain citizens from young children who love to cheer on their favorite team with their friends to the elderly who are looking to get out of the house. Overall, the addition of cheap sport games would attract people of all different communities and cultures to break the dividers between the city of Waukesha and the rest of the County.

Waukesha County needs more change than entertainment. With an increase in travel brings more pollution to the already dirty lakes. While completing a Chemistry project on the health of the lakes in the Lake Country Area, I was surprised to see the results. People rave about how nice the lakes are in Waukesha County but, but the data did not agree with their acquisitions. One example is Lake Okauchee which has low amount of dissolved oxygen, low visibility, low pH and high nitrogen levels. All of these shows that Okauchee is not as clean as people say. The reason for the dirty water is the runoff from nearby farms that infect the water with pesticides. There is also a correlation to the amount of cars in the area of lakes. This causes an unsafe environment for wildlife and people who live on the lake.

Changing the norms. To ensure lakes stay healthy, there needs to be inspections of farmlands and changes to the structure of the lands to ensure the runoff does not end up in our lakes. The money in order to carry out this inspection could be from the revenue from the D-League Basketball team. To create less pollution from cars, there should be a subsidy for people who drive clean cars. This will cause less pollution and overall healthier lakes in the Waukesha Area.

New ideas. Thinking outside the box. Changing the norms. A youthful mayor, like myself, would bring change and success to Waukesha to attract new citizens who are striving for unity and a healthy community.

The author's comments:

This piece was written about the prompt If I were Mayor of My Town. We had to describe what changes we would do in order to make our County a more desirable place to live.

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