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November 10, 2017
By itsatreepounder SILVER, OCONOMOWOC, Wisconsin
itsatreepounder SILVER, OCONOMOWOC, Wisconsin
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Thank you all for joining me here today to listen to my campaign speech. I have lived in Waukesha County the majority of my life and know all of the ins and outs of how Waukesha County works. I am a proud Wisconsinite and wish to do my state proud by becoming the leader of Waukesha County, and helping Waukesha County and its citizens, achieve great things.

Here in Waukesha County, I have noticed some changes that need to be made in order for the population to fully enjoy its experience here in Waukesha County. As a mayor, I am ready and willing to make these changes that fully benefit the entirety of the population. Such changes include, but are not limited to, introduction of nightlife to Waukesha county, a clean water source, entertainment opportunities and a new youthfulness to the government to ensure its longevity.  Other issues that I can address while in office is to address the environmental issues, such as overpopulation of coyotes, CWD, chronic wasting disease, in deer, and white nose syndrome in our bat population.

In Waukesha County, we offer many fun opportunities and leisure activities that are easily accessible during the day, but our nightlife is lacking. Citizens have expressed desire for more activities at night. For that reason, I propose introducing more entertainment options. One option could be an increased number of musical venues. Waukesha is the home of one of  the founders of Rock N Roll, Mr. Les Paul. I propose a monthly tribute concert by local bands. This serves a dual purpose. It primarily provides an entertainment opportunity for Waukesha citizens and secondarily helps get the word of local bands out and around the town. These concerts and activities could occur in a new park dedicated to the veterans of Waukesha County of all of America’s wars, as a way to honor their memory as well as to provide an exciting entertainment opportunity. With this added entertainment opportunity, theaters could also be made to provide a more family-friendly entertainment outlet. With these added entertainment options, we will be bringing families closer one night at a time.

Next, all of the citizens of Waukesha County deserve to have a clean water source. Whether that comes from city water or form a well, it needs to be clean. Water is a fantastic vehicle in which disease can spread, and can infect and harm a wide variety and great number of our population, which is something we must avoid at all costs.  If the population cannot be supplied a clean water source, then truly, their safety may be in jeopardy. I will do this by issuing water quality tests in every household so that the homeowners know exactly what is in their water, and if their water does not pass, I will ensure that they receive access to a source of clean water for themselves and their family.

Also, who doesn’t love baseball? Unfortunately for us, the nearest professional baseball team is the Milwaukee Brewers. Professional baseball games can get expensive for a family to go watch a game. For this reason, I propose that Waukesha County brings in its own semi-pro AAA baseball team. This is another entertainment option and enhancement to the nightlife of the county. It will also benefit the local economy by getting more cash flow in local areas by ticket and merchandise sales. This provides an inexpensive way for a family to effectively take in America’s past time. There is no better bonding opportunity than over cracker jacks at a ballgame.
Lastly, some environmental issues need to be addressed. Waukesha County has an immense overpopulation of coyotes, which wreak havoc on local livestock, and have been known to attack dogs and children. They also limit the growth of the local deer population, which has suffered in recent years. I propose a year-long coyote hunting season until the coyote population is put back in check. The pressure from hunting should also make the coyotes leery of coming into contact with humans. This should also help the deer population make a comeback. That brings me to my next point, the outbreak of CWD in our deer population. Very little is known about chronic wasting disease. However, it is detrimental to our deer population, causing many deer to starve to death and pass the disease on to other members of their herd.

I propose that we attempt to quarantine affected members of the deer population in order to try to curb the spread of CWD. In order to do this, I think an expansion of the DNR is in order, so that it can help us here in Waukesha County, as well as others across the state. Finally, we have to address another disease that is killing our bat population: white nose syndrome. This syndrome causes infected bats to come out of hibernation early, which in turn kills them because they either freeze to death, or starve because they cannot find any viable food source. My proposed solution for this is much like it was with CWD, as little is known about either of these. I propose we quarantine affected members of the bat population so we can both study the syndrome and also prevent further spread of it. Hopefully, with these measures, our animal populations will be balanced and come back to a healthy status.

Thank you all for listening to me speak today. I hope at least one of my points has made an impact on you, and on your decision for who to vote for this coming election. Thank you.

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