If I Were Mayor of Waukesha County

November 10, 2017
By samk33 GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
samk33 GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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As mayor of Waukesha county, I would bring a youth to this community with fresh ideas and help this community grow. The world is becoming more divided each day on social and political issues. People are becoming less trustful of the government so putting someone in power who is going to advocate for the youth of this generation, the people who are our future is important. Although I am young, I am very well educated in politics and I know exactly what changes need to be made so we can move forward as a county.

I can’t say I have ever met a kid who enjoys standardized testing. In fact, it is often one of the things that students dread most. Pressure builds upon them. For other students they see no purpose to them if it is just helping the state collect data about the education programs. Therefore they see no benefit and put no effort forth to do good on the tests. I would argue that these factors deem forms of standardized testing useless because kids are either so pressured that they don’t perform well or don’t care and also don’t perform well. Standardized testing needs to be abolished.

Rather than having students be tested many times throughout their years at school, students will participate in a series of presentations in front of a panel of judges who would be similar to that of someone who would grade standardized tests. The presentations would run for a few months straight and all of the schools would be able to complete this in time as they would only be 5 minutes or so. The judges would be paid the same amount as people are paid now to grade standardized tests (the writing sections) as those people would not be needed anymore. Students would care more about this than standardized testing because it will take less than 10 minutes of their time rather than hours of different tests.These presentations could vary on different topics such as science, politics, or possibly to conduct an experiment or build something, but students will have the chance to prepare their thoughts beforehand. This will be beneficial because not only will this give students more confidence with social skills and help develop communication skills, but it will also give students the chance to explain themselves rather than just having to fill in several multiple choice questions where there is just a right and a wrong answer. If kids grew up doing this they would not feel as pressured as they got older and it would just be something normal to do. Overall, this is a better alternative to standardized testing because kids will have the chance to explain and get as many points as they possibly can. The scores of each student will be averaged and socioeconomic factors will be used to compare schools to one another rather than just basing scores off of a national average. Not all areas of the country are able to compete the same based on factors such as the wealthiness of the area and way of growing up.

Finally, an issue that affects anyone who drives in Wisconsin, especially around Waukesha county are the roads! Wisconsin has two seasons: Winter and Road Construction. There are no warning signs when the next exit is closed prompting you to get off now if you were planning on using the next exit and the sporadic work on the roads is nothing but annoying. Rather than spending months upon months working on the highways and exits, I would shut the highways completely down between 10pm and 5am each day so during the regular times that people are commuting the highways are up and running as usual causing less stress for all citizens. Rather than having road construction workers working at different shifts during all times of the day all of them could be working during these 7 hours also allowing for the work to be done quicker on top of this more efficient strategy. In conclusion, electing me for Mayor would result in better testing scenarios leading to higher test scores for Waukesha county and easier times of road construction lessening the stress for all.

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