Right and Wrong Hands

November 9, 2017
By VampireD14 SILVER, Highland Hieghts, Ohio
VampireD14 SILVER, Highland Hieghts, Ohio
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The second amendment states that it is a consitutional right to own guns, but its not that simple. No evey person who you give a gun is going to use it for good reasons. The world isn't black and white like that, you cant just assume that their not going to do something bad or harmful with it if you give it to them. Thats like leaving a child alone with a marker and expecting them not to draw on the walls. 

When a gun is placed in the right hands. The hands of a person that does not use it unless it is absolutely nessary in order to protect themselves or their family. Then yes I believe in this amendment whole heartedly. But when a gun is placed in the wrong hands. The hands that will use it to harm other people. Thats were I have a problem.

More and more people everyday are going out and killing other people, innocent people. To me this says that we need to find a way to make sure that if we allow this amendment to stay in place, if we continue to let it be a consitutional right to own guns that these guns get put into the right hands. Because if their put into the wrong ones, we've all seen the catasrophic events they can cause.

The author's comments:

What I was trying to say with this article is that I do agree with the second amendment. But I think we need a better way to determine who's hands are the right hands to put a gun in, so we can prevent this catasrophic events like the shooting in Texas from happening.

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