Gun Control Is Not the Answer

November 7, 2017
By carson-glass BRONZE, Park City, Utah
carson-glass BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Should kids be educated on guns earlier, should the teachers teach kids about guns? Many people are trying to band guns or make it harder to get them. This would have little to no effect deaths caused by guns. We should have less strict gun control.
There should be fewer restrictions on guns. Deaths caused by guns since 1999 has increased by 7,378, as the deaths increased so did gun control. If you look at when the big increases in deaths have happened it is in the same years when big gun control laws went into action. School shootings also are the big topic and some people say that it’s due to the kids going crazy, but many others say it is because of kids not getting proper training or education when they’re young. If parents could get guns easier and teach their kids early about guns then they would have the proper training. Right now you have to get a background check and with some guns that are very powerful a through background check can take over a year.
The second reason why gun control should be less strict is that the second amendment. The second amendment states that “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This states that people should be able to have guns and they shouldn't be ban. Many people are trying to band all guns slowly. Starting with the guns that in the middle of being powerful so they can ban most guns.

The last reason why gun control is bad is that criminals don't obey gun laws. If you add more restriction on guns criminals can still get guns from the black market. Even if all guns get banned, criminals will use other things that can cause harm or even make their own guns. Also if all guns get banned then many criminals will switch to the black market, if they switch they will eventually realize they can buy any gun they want. Also, there is the statement that “guns don't kill people, people kill people with guns.” A gun is not going to grow legs and go shoot someone. Without a person, a gun is just a piece of metal.
Many people may say that guns make it easier to kill others, but this isn't true because criminals can just as easily kill someone with a car or a poison. For these reasons is why gun control is bad. So we should get to keep our liberty and freedom. Our society does benefit from guns as long as there in the hands of responsible citizens. It is our responsibility to keep kids learning about guns and to be responsible.

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