Gun Control Can't Stop It

November 2, 2017
By alyssalewis BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
alyssalewis BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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After the numerous amount of attacks in the U.S the past 5 years, guns have become victimized. The horrendous events that lead to the fear of one thing that has the power to create such chaos; the gun. Many people are opposed to the idea of looking at a gun, some Americans protest, even start riots over something that doesn’t have power till someone pulls the trigger. We as Americans deserve the right to have guns because its written in the bill of rights, crime rates will only increase as the laws get stricter, and it serves as a safety mechanism.


Stricter gun laws will in no way help our case here because criminals ignore all laws. (Menino, Thomas). The crime rates are higher in anti-gun rights cities than any other (Menino, Thomas) because the ones who cause the damage are mad their rights were taken away. It's no excuse to cause harm but crime is only going to get worse as the laws get stricter. In Washington D.C. they banned handguns to reduce homicide, but it only made the rates go up, crimes of other deadly weapons went up, giving the city this mane "Murder city". (Menino, Thomas) This is a proven fact to show gun control will not end the tragic events happening.


"A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.'' (second amendment) This states that we, a free country shall have the right to own guns, and bear arms. This statement has been written in the Bill of Rights since 1791, so we have no reason to change it. The ones who are harming are the ones who should be punished. We have a right to bear arms and that right can't be taken away from us when we aren't the ones causing the damage.


The amount of people who have used guns as self-defense is higher than any crime rates. More people in America are using guns as a sense of protection, rather than the image of guns some people have. There have been numerous cases that guns have been used for self-defense to protect a family or themselves. The V.P.C. found that in 2010 there were only 230 justifiable homicides involving a citizen using a firearm. (taking notes blog) This shows that guns aren't the problem with most homicides.


Having guns is the only way to have protection, fulfill people's rights, and to reduce crime rates. Gun control will not stop chaos, its people's actions and what they do is what will have to change. The horrors that have happened this year will not stop because it is the inevitable. Laws on guns won't stop the beast from preying. The problem can be resolved but taking away a written right will not end the events going on today.

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