Wrong...Or a Way to Survive?

October 26, 2017
By Anonymous

What’s a ghost gun? They are illegally manufactured firearms, and they have fake serial numbers printed on their bodies. This fake serial number is what gives these guns their names. The serial numbers make these guns impossible to to trace. Ghost guns are vital for gangs, because if someone kills a member of a rival gang it is nearly impossible to find the gunman. Additionally if a criminal wants any kind of street credit, they may kill someone to get that credit. And they don’t want have the cops on their trail, this is perfect for the job.  In my opinion, guns should not be outlawed, mainly because in this day, we need more protection. The reason I believe in this is because I really really don't like our current president. I think that he is “trigger heavy” what Imean by this is I firmly believe that he will get other counties to turn on us and possibly start WW3. That there is why I believe that guns should not be outlawed.

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