If I Were Mayor...

October 27, 2017
By Piperfeldotte BRONZE, Freeland, Michigan
Piperfeldotte BRONZE, Freeland, Michigan
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If I were mayor of Saginaw, I would make sure that some programs get made to stop bullying. Michigan schools is the number one state with bullying going on in schools… that’s a problem. There is way too much of it in schools, causing some gets to take their own life because they feel so bad about themselves. All schools in my town would have to have some sort of program th firmly address that bullying is not allowed here.


Another thing as mayor I would do is, clean up around this town. There are parts of this town that trashed and don’t have good things going on. I feel that if those people had a good environment to live in they wouldn’t make as many poor decisions. Everyone deserves a good envious t to live in even if they don’t make the best decisions.


Also if I were mayor, I would address that there are lots of people with mental health issues. I’m not saying that this is the main problem because they were born that way. But, the problem is these people can’t control themselves and buy guns and do bad things with them. I would have a system in all of the guns stores to where people have to bring in medical forms and if they have a major mental health issue and there is a chance of them doing damage then they would not be allowed to purchase a gun.


The final thing I would address would be vandalism. There is a lot of it going on from kids at school and just in public. The bad thing about this is that some kids or adults don’t get caught. I would address that cameras get put up outside community buildings. Also some schools already have them but if there are any that don’t I would make sure they get put up right way. If people are found doing this then I would have them pay for their damages and replace it meaning if they have to repaint it nice or clean it.


These are things that I would do if I were mayor of Saginaw. There would obviously be many more things that would have to be addressed but these would probably be some of the main things I would like to fix.

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