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October 26, 2017
By Jasminewillis BRONZE, Celina, Texas
Jasminewillis BRONZE, Celina, Texas
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We fear what we do not understand, and sometimes may even be angered by what is not understood, reacting with violence, creating chaos, and paralyzing hope. To end the worries of the world,  must we inflict the pain upon ourselves, only then will the damned souls causing such hardships be defeated?  Pure and impure souls wiped from the face of the earth, no fear to ever come again. It is true that the damned may remain mute for quite some time,  letting a beautiful melody ring in the ears of the pure. Soon begins the rebirth of hope only to die shortly after.

Terrorism is what destroys communities and takes away life, yet unites people. In the midst of destruction you can confront in your neighbor, for they share a common goal, to fight for what is there’s. When violence and intimidation against citizens becomes the “norm” you must ask yourself  if this was in God’s plan. Do we fight against the All Mighty power, or let lost souls drag us to purgatory?  Shall the life we live on this earth become our Hell, forget flames there’s constant gunfire, you want water, too bad we have Flint, the screams of the damned are now women and children begging for their lives.

How I yearn to combat such a disease, to wipe out it’s existence, but no pill will kill the virus plaguing our society, corrupting our brains, and blackening our hearts. Oh, the lost souls, confused on where to go, only seeking acceptance from a god that you and I don’t know. A god the world shall soon know, if such a disorder is not eradicated. Looney bins are filling with the sane, while the deranged are living their day to day lives, eyes closed, mouths sewn shut, puppets to false gods, but who am I to judge, for I am a nobody. I do nothing to prevent others from becoming contaminated except write. I too would be sent away for sharing such views, dancing half naked in a cell hopped up on whatever it is the doctor feels like giving me today. How funny it is we provide the “insane”, medicine in hopes that they will one day join the show, but neglect those whom are truly sick.

We are our own worst enemy, the terrorist we seek to purge for the amounts of intolerable suffering caused are not hiding, they are you and I. In our offices, on our televisions, influencing the minds of the youth, the corrupt have become our figureheads. Terrorists in disguise, don’t be fooled by their lies, or things they promise, for they can not be provided. Before we try to eradicate this sickness worldwide, we must eradicate it on our home front.

Now, until now I have always thought the world to be a beautiful place, but the orb in which I live on is filled with hate crimes, 24 hour violence, and deceit. And yet we forget who we worship, false gods, figureheads employed by an evil. Wash your hands in the blood of your enemy for soon there will be nothing left, nothing worth protecting.

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